Fagan and Ferguson Take Modified Features

-Josh Reynolds
Stuart, IA (July 20) – Finally Mother Nature took it easy on Central Iowa on a Sunday afternoon, and the drivers at Stuart Speedway provided a great night of racing for all to see! Clint Luellen, Marcus Fagan, Korbin Nourse and Shannon Anderson were the winners of the makeup features from July 6th, and Marcus Fagan, Randy Walker, Clint Luellen, Cole Ferguson, Andy Forcht and Shannon Anderson were the winners on Avey Sanitation Night at the Races.
We started the night with the makeup features from July 6th with the IMCA Northern SportMods coming onto the speedway. Kody Havens and Chase Rudolf led the field to green with Havens leading lap one. Havens would continue to lead through a couple of cautions, but the 3L of Clint Luellen was lurking in the shadows. After a restart on lap four, Luellen would make the pass for the lead on lap five. Havens battled hard with Matt Webb for second, and Webb would finally take second on lap twelve. Luellen went on to take the win over Webb in second, Rudolf third, Kendall Davis fourth and Colton Nelson fifth.
Next up would be the IMCA Modifieds with Rex Parkison and Marcus Fagan on the front row. Parkison would lead lap one with Fagan taking over the point on lap two. Josh Gilman moved into second on lap three and set out to chase down Fagan. After a caution on lap six Nick Roberts passed Gilman for second as Fagan continued to lead. Gilman faded and would leave the race with a flat tire, and that left Fagan, Roberts, Cole Ferguson and Brandon Pruitt to battle it out for the win. Fagan stayed strong and went on to pick up the win, his first in the Modified division. Roberts, Ferguson and Pruitt rounded out the all-rookie top four with Rex Parkison fifth.

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