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Competitors and fans at the Stuart Speedway endured heat indexes of 100º+ on Sunday, August 2, but were treated to great track conditions and top notch racing.

IMCA Sport Mod competition saw Kent Croskey of Polk City and Kevin Sather of Ankeny picking up heat race wins. Croskey and Sather picked up where they left off in the main, with Croskey taking the early lead while Sather worked his way through the field to take the lead on lap 5. The battled continued, with Croskey choosing the low groove and Sather up high. At the checkers, it was Sather picking up his 20th feature win of the 2008 season and Croskey second. Joel Bushore of Boone and Michael Pruitt of Redfield rounded out the top four. Kevin Sather holds a slim 4-point lead over Joel Bushore going into next week’s competition, with just 12 points separating first through fifth.

A good field of IMCA Hobby Stocks were on hand for two heat races, a trophy dash and a 15-lap feature. Shannon Anderson of Atlantic and Jamie Schirm of Dexter claimed heat race wins, while Nyle Godwin of Redfield took home the hardware in the Casey’s General Stores Trophy Dash. Anderson made a big move on the low side of the track on the start of the main to gain several spots and wasted no time getting to the front as he passed Godwin for the lead on lap 2. Godwin did everything possible to try to reclaim the lead, but to no avail as Anderson picked up another feature win. An impressive run by Brandon Pruitt of Dexter brought him home third, with Steve Roberts of Ankeny fourth. Anderson’s victory opened up his point lead to 64 points over Mike Hansen of Brayton. Just 11 points separate positions two through four.

IMCA Stock Car action saw Steve Hill of Des Moines pick up his first heat race win of the season at the Speedway in heat race #1, with Mike Nichols of Harlan taking the checkers in heat race #2. Three-wide racing was the norm in the main as Hill commanded the field early on, with Rick Houseman of Winterset, Josh Daniels of Des Moines and Tim Bengard of Exira not far behind. Bengard took the lead on lap 4, while Daniels slowly picked them off to challenge Bengard for the lead on lap 6. Daniels and Bengard continued to duel it out for the remainder of the 20-lap event. At the line, it was Bengard the victor, Daniels second, Nichols third, and Bryan Snell of Bayard coming from the tail to claim fourth. Nichols is the current point leader, just two points ahead of Josh Daniels. Only 11 points separate positions one through five.

Todd Shute and Randy Havlik, the top two in IMCA Modified points going into the evening’s action, claimed their respective heat races. Terry Pruitt of Dexter and Chris Pruitt of Stuart were looking for their first feature wins of the season in the main as they exchanged leads for the first 12 laps of the main. A spin early in the race relegated Shute to the tail of the field, but it was not enough to stop him as he worked his way back to the front to take the lead from Chris Pruitt on lap 13. Despite a tremendous run by Chris Pruitt, he was unable to stop Shute as he made another trip to victory lane. Josh Gilman of Earlham and Terry Pruitt were third and fourth respectively. Shute holds an 8-point advantage over Gilman heading into next week’s action. Havlik’s early departure in the main due to mechanical failure dropped him to third in points, with only 9 points separating first through third.

The micro sprints made their third appearance at the Speedway, with 12 cars competing in two heat races and a 15-lap main event. Bryan Wanner of Agency picked up the feature win, with Tim Dhenbacher of Hospers and Brunson Behning of Callamus rounding out the top three.

A new limited Dwarf Car class made an exhibition appearance at the Speedway, with Mike Thomas, Jr. of Des Moines, Brad Talbert of Madrid and Bob Morgan of Madrid competing in a 10-lap main event. Thomas was the winner, Talbert second, and Morgan unable to start.


Hobby Stock:

Trophy Dash --11G Nyle Godwin
Heat 1. 78 Shannon Anderson  Atlantic, IA
Heat 2. 56 Jamie Schirm  Dexter, IA
 78  Shannon Anderson  Atlantic, IA
11G  Nyle Godwin  Redfield, IA
10B  Brandon Pruitt  Dexter, IA
12  Steve Roberts  Ankeny, IA
5w  Chad  Waddell  Redfield, IA
3  Mike Hansen  Brayton, IA
56  Jamie Schirm  Dexter, IA
2j  Ralph Jones  Des Moines, IA
0  Dave Prymek  Johnston, IA
2  Eli Boyd  Guthrie Center, IA
17  Nate Lange  Menlo, IA
99  Adam Hersel  Atlantic, IA
93  Randy  Anderson  Atlantic, IA
79  Charles Belew  Adel, IA
3x  Patrick Pellman  Creston, IA
1A  Steve  Anderson  Winterset, IA
5  Keith Miner  Granger, IA
Stock Car:
Heat 1. 55x  Steve Hill  Des Moines, IA
Heat 2. 63 Mike Nichols  Harlan, IA
19B  Tim Bengard  Exira, IA
25J  Josh Daniels  Des Moines, IA
63  Mike Nichols  Harlan, IA
3s  Bryan Snell  Bayard, IA
23H  Rick Houseman  Winterset, IA
55x  Steve Hill  Des Moines, IA
23  Jeremy Gettler Adair, IA
55  Cory Bushnell  Madrid, IA
92b  Brian  Blessington  Breda, IA
10x  John Wilson  Winterset, IA
02  Mike Goldsberry  Runnells, IA
11  Steve Campbell  Des Moines, IA
6j  Jamie Morey  Earlham, IA
76  Norman Belew  Redfield, IA
32t  Tim Feltner  Earlham, IA
1F  Marcus Fagan  Adair, IA
711  Michael Walrod  DeSoto, IA
Sport Mod:
Heat 1. 12c  Kent Croskey  Polk City, IA
Heat 2.  Kevin Sather  Ankeny, IA
3  Kevin Sather  Ankeny, IA
12c  Kent Croskey  Polk City, IA
87  Joel Bushore  Boone, IA
92  Michael Pruitt Redfield, IA
77  Jack Myer  Ankeny, IA
19  David Schlicht  Adel, IA
20  Shay Woods  Humeston, IA
99  Josh May  DeSoto, IA
Heat 1. 5  Todd Shute  Des Moines, IA
Heat 2. 3z  Randy Havlik  Waukee, IA
5  Todd Shute  Des Moines, IA
22  Chris Pruitt  Stuart, IA
83g  Josh Gilman  Earlham, IA
78  Terry Pruitt  Dexter, IA
31r  Rex Parkison  Earlham, IA
46  Tyler  VandeKamp Knoxville, IA
14B  Scott Bash  Creston, IA
3z  Randy Havlik  Waukee, IA
14  Ron Bash  Stuart, IA
131s  Ed Seibert  Dexter, IA