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Story by Debbie Sweeney,

While the weather at the Stuart Speedway was cold on Sunday, September 14, the racing was definitely not. The limited Dwarf Cars and Dwarf Cars joined the regular IMCA Hobby Stock, Stock Car, Sport Mod and Mod classes for a good night of racing.
Brad Talbert of Madrid picked up both a heat race win and the feature in the Limited Dwarf Car division, with Joey Edler of Cambridge second. Paul Edler made his debut in the Limited Dwarf Car division, finishing third.
The Dwarf Cars made a return visit to the Speedway, with Mike Kennedy of Boone and Johnny Mordock of Creston picking up heat race wins. Shane Hunter of Afton took the early lead in the main, with Dusty Masolini of West Des Moines, Matt Goodin of Des Moines, and Mike Morrill of Altoona in pursuit. Morrill used the low groove to make his way to the front as he and Hunter swapped leads. At the checkers, it was Morrill, Hunter, Masolini and Goodin.
The IMCA Modified 20-lap main was caution free, with Todd Shute of Des Moines, Nick Deal of Walnut and Randy Havlik of Waukee the front runners. Shute retired on lap 11 with mechanical problems, opening the door for Deal. Havlik pressured Deal for the remainder of the race, but was unable to make the pass as Deal made a return visit to Victory Lane. Havlik came home third, with Chris Pruitt of Stuart and Rex Parkison of Earlham with nice runs to round out the top four. Shute and Pruitt picked also picked up heat race wins. The point battle is still up for grabs as Shute holds only a one point lead over Havlik heading into next week’s action.
Shay Woods of Humeston and Kevin Sather of Ankeny picked up heat race wins in the IMCA Sport Mods. Woods lead early in the A Main, with Jimmy May of DeSoto, Sather, and Jack Myer of Ankeny not far behind. Sather methodically worked his way through the field, overtaking Woods for the lead on lap 6. Sather never looked back as he claimed his 27th feature win of the 2008 season. Woods, Jimmy May and Mike Pruitt of Redfield finished 2-4 respectively. Sather now holds a 15-point lead over Joel Bushore of Boone.
Rusty Gyles of Norwalk took advantage of his front-row starting position in the IMCA Hobby Stock A-Main to claim the early lead as Shannon Anderson wasted no time making his way to second. The action was halted on lap 4 when Charles Belew of Adel flipped on the back stretch, but was able to escape without injury. On the restart, Anderson passed Gyles for the lead and went on to claim yet another win and solidify his bid for the point championship. Gyles had a great run to come home second, with Randy Anderson of Atlantic and Andrew Burg of Adel completing the top four. Gyles and Anderson also picked up heat race wins. Anderson holds a commanding lead over Nyle Goldwin in has chase for the championship with just two weeks of competition remaining.
The nice field of IMCA Stock Cars closed the show. Jamie Morey of Earlham, Mike Goldsberry of Runnells and Steve Campbell of Des Moines took the first three positions early in the A-Main. Tim Bengard of Exira and Corey Bushnell of Madrid also threw their hats into the ring on lap 4. Bengard continued his march to the front to take the lead on lap 6. He was able to hold off a hard-charging Bushnell for the remaining 14 laps to take home the win, with Bushnell second. Dustin Vis of LeGrand had a strong run in his first visit to the Speedway coming home third, with Steve Campbell fourth. Bengard’s win moved him into second place in points, just two points behind leader Mike Nichols of Harlan. Josh Daniels of Des Moines is third, just 5 points behind. Brian Blessington of Breda sits in fourth, just 18 points back.

Hobby Stock:
Heat 1. 33d Rusty Gyles Norwalk, IA
Heat 2. 78 Shannon Anderson Atlantic, IA
78 Shannon Anderson Atlantic, IA
33d Rusty Gyles Norwalk, IA
93 Randy Anderson Atlantic, IA
32f Andrew Burg Adel, IA
5 Keith Miner Granger, IA
99 Adam Hersel Atlantic, IA
17 Nate Lange Menlo, IA
59G Joey Gyles St. Charles, IA
51 Matt Webb Des Moines, IA
79 Charles Belew Adel, IA
21m Ross Marshall Johnston, IA
11G Nyle Godwin Redfield, IA
Stock Cars:
Heat 1. 55 Cory Bushnell Madrid, IA
Heat 2. 20V Dustin Vis LeGrand, IA
19B Tim Bengard Exira, IA
55 Cory Bushnell Madrid, IA
20V Dustin Vis LeGrand, IA
11 Steve Campbell Des Moines, IA
63 Mike Nichols Harlan, IA
25J Josh Daniels Des Moines, IA
1F Marcus Fagan Adair, IA
6J Jamie Morey Earlham, IA
92b Brian Blessington Breda, IA
10x John Wilson Winterset, IA
32t Tim Feltner Earlham ,IA
711 Michael Walrod DeSoto, IA
76 Norman Belew Redfield, IA
23 Jeremy Gettler Adair, IA
14j Michael Johnsten Des Moines, IA
02 Mike Goldsberry Runnells, IA
3S Bryan Snell Bayard, IA
Sport Mods:
Heat 1. 3 Kevin Sather Ankeny, IA
Heat 2. 20 Shay Woods Humeston, IA
3 Kevin Sather Ankeny, IA
20 Shay Woods Humeston, iA
5J Jimmy May DeSoto, IA
92 Michael Pruitt Redfiels, IA
41 Jeremy Embrey Granger, IA
111 Beau Kaplan Ankeny, IA
99 Josh May DeSoto, IA
87 Joel Bushore Boone, IA
13B Brandon Brinton Nevada, IA
77 Jack Myer Ankeny, IA
12c Kent Croskey Polk City, IA
3b Paul Nagle Nevada, iA
Heat 1. 5 Todd Shute Des Moines, IA
Heat 2. 22 Chris Pruitt Stuart, IA
55d Nick Deal Walnut, IA
3Z Randy Havlik Waukee, IA
22 Chris Pruitt Stuart, IA
31R Rex Parkson Earlham, IA
83G Josh Gilman Earlham, IA
15A Carl Albee Jefferson, IA
14 Ron Bash Stuart, IA
36x Russ Gladson Des Moines, IA
131s Ed Seibert Dexter, IA
14B Scott Bash Creston, iA
5 Todd Shute Des Moines, IA

Limited Dwarfs:
Heat 1: 98 Brad Talbert, Madrid, IA
98 Brad Talbert, Madrid, IA
19E Joey Edler, Cambridge, IA
119 Paul Edler, Cambridge, IA
19 Bob Morgan, Madrid, IA
Dwarf Cars:
Heat 1: 95 Mike Kennedy, Boone, IA
Heat 2: 17 Johnny Mordock, Creston, IA
6 Mike Morrill, Altoona, IA
7 Shane Hunter, Afton, IA
8 Dusty Masolini, West Des Moines, IA
5X Matt Goodin, Des Moines, IA
17 Johnny Mordock, Creston, IA
22s Joe Huggins, Des Moines, IA
95 Mike Kennedy, Boone, IA
20 Jeff Stensland, Nevada, IA
01 D.J. Schmalzried, Colo, IA
88 Jimmy May, DeSoto
82 Charlie Brown, Nevada, IA
66F Eric Hendricksen, Des Moines