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Story by Debbie Sweeney,

The season may be winding down at the Stuart Speedway, but the competition is still in full swing. With just one night of competition remaining in the 2008 season, the points battle in several classes remains up for grabs.

Doug Smith of Lake City wasted no time making his presence known as he picked up a win in heat race 1 in the IMCA Hobby Stock division. Heat 2 was claimed by Rusty Gyles of Norwalk. Smith picked up where he left off in the main as he moved from his third row starting position to the lead by lap 2. Smith, Gyles and Nyle Godwin of Redfield paced the field for the remainder of the caution-free race, with Smith taking home the win. Godwin, Gyles and Brandon Pruitt of Redfield rounded out the top four. Current point leader Shannon Anderson of Atlantic was unable to make the trip to Stuart, paving the way for Nyle Godwin to close the gap to just 18 points.

Third time was a charm as it took three tries to get the IMCA Stock Car feature started. The initial start saw Jeff Wollam of Marshalltown taking a wild ride off of the backstretch, tumbling end over end, landing on the gravel road directly north of the Speedway. Wollam escaped without injury. Cory Bushnell of Madrid and Mike Nichols of Harlan proved to be the cars to beat as they swapped leads throughout the 20-lap main. Brian Blessington of Breda joined the challenge at the half-way point, but with no avail, as at the finish it was point leader Mike Nichols with the win, Blessington second, Bushnell third, and a nice run from deep in the field by Bryan Snell of Bayard to fourth. Tim Bengard of Exira, Nichols and Bushnell claimed their respective heat races. Nichols holds a 9-point lead over Josh Daniels of Des Moines, with Tim Bengard just 10 points back in third.

The inaugural Stuart Speedway King of the Hill for IMCA Stock Cars saw 8 cars compete in two-man elimination rounds for the chance to win $350. The final round saw Mike Nichols taking on Cory Bushnell. It was a side-by-side battle for the entire two-lap sprint, with Bushnell edging Nichols at the line for the win.

With the IMCA Sport Mod national title up for grabs, Tim Jorgensen of Seymour, Wisconsin made the long haul to Stuart to go head to head with point contender Kevin Sather of Ankeny. Heat race winners were Josh May of DeSoto and Jimmy May, also of Desoto. Jeremy Embrey of Granger appeared to be on his way to victory in the A main, but Austin Kaplan of Ankeny and Jorgenson had other plans. Kaplan passed Embrey for the lead on lap 12, and held on for the win, with Jorgenson edging Embrey at the line for second. Kevin Sather was fourth. Sather holds a 19 point lead over Joel Bushore of Boone heading into the final night of competition.

Nick Deal of Walnut proved once again he is the “Real Deal” as he picked up a heat race win and the A Main for the IMCA Modifieds. Deal moved from his fourth row starting position to the lead by lap four, with Chris Pruitt of Stuart in pursuit. Randy Havlik of Waukee moved to second on lap 6 and set his sights on Deal while at the same time attempting to hold off a hard charging Todd Shute of Des Moines. At the checkers it was Deal with the win, Havlik second, Shute third and Chris Pruitt fourth. Havlik’s second place finish over Shute tied the two for the point lead and sets the stage for the season championship on September 28.

Complete results:

Hobby Stock:
Heat 1. 12x  Doug Smith  Lake City, IA
Heat 2.  33d  Rusty Gyles  Norwwalk, IA
12x  Doug Smith  Lake City, IA
11G  Nyle Godwin  Redfield, IA
33d  Rusty Gyles  Norwalk, IA
10B  Brandon Pruitt  Dexter, IA
17x  Kenny Hansen  Audubon, IA
17  Nate Lange  Menlo, IA
51  Matt Webb  Des Moines, IA
59G  Joey Gyles  St. Charles, IA
79  Charles Belew  Adel, IA
99  Adam Hersel  Atlantic, IA
32a  Solomon Bennett  Perry, IA
21m   Ross Marshall  Johnston, IA
5  Keith Miner  Granger, IA
93  Randy Anderson  Atlantic, IA
Stock Cars:
Heat 1. 19B  Tim Bengard  Exira, IA
Heat 2.  63  Mike Nichols  Harlan, IA
Heat 3.  55 Cory Bushnell  Madrid, IA
63  Mike Nichols  Harlan, IA
92b  Brian Blessington  Breda, IA
55  Cory Bushnell  Madrid, IA
3s  Bryan Snell  Bayard, IA
25j  Josh Daniels  Des Moines, IA
02  Mike Goldsberry  Runnells, IA
14j  Michael Johnsten  Des Moines, IA
27  Gary Bass  Des Moines, IA
19B  Tim Bengard  Exira, IA
11  Steve Campbell  Des Moines, IA
10x  John Wilson  Winterset, IA
23h  Rick Houseman  Winterset, IA
1F  Marcus Fagan  Adair, IA
32t  Tim Feltner  Earlham, IA
56  Ron Godwin  Earlham, IA
76  Norman Belew  Redfield, IA
6j  Jamie Morey  Earlham, IA
3w  Jeff Wollam  Marshalltown, IA
55x  Steve Hill  Des Moines, IA
Sport Mods:
Heat 1. 99  Josh May  DeSoto, IA
Heat 2.  5j  Jimmy May  DeSoto, IA
1E  Austin Kaplan  Ankeny, IA
118  Tim Jorgrnson  Seymour, WI
41  Jeremy Embrey  Granger, IA
3  Kevin Sather  Ankeny, IA
99  Josh May  DeSoto, IA
92  Michael Pruitt  Redfield, IA
5j  Jimmy May  DeSoto, IA
87  Joel Bushore  Boone, IA
12c  Keny Croskey  Polk City, IA
19  David Schlicht  Adel, IA
11d  Dalton Dingman  Grimes, IA
3b  Paul Nagle  Nevada, IA
Heat 1. 55d Nick Deal  Walnut, IA
Heat 2. 22  Chris Pruitt  Stuart, IA
55d  Nick Deal  Walnut, IA
3Z  Randy Havlik  Walnut, IA
5  Todd Shute  Des Moines, IA
22  Chris Pruitt  Stuart, IA
31r  Rex Parkison  Earlham, IA
14b  Scott Bash  Creston, IA
14  Ron Bash  Stuart, IA
07  Chris Wilke  Urbandale, IA
131s  Ed Seibert  Dexter, IA
83g  Josh Gilman  Earlham, IA
Stock Car King of the Hill:
55  Cory
Bushnell  Madrid, IA