2013 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Track Rules

1. Car must be strictly stock. 6 cylinder only. No Turbo’s or super chargers, No full size cars.( 6 cylinder cars only) Vehicles must remain OEM in appearance.   If you race in the IMCA Sport Compact class you can race with the 6 cylinder cars

2. Fuel tank may be left in stock location. If after market fuel cell is used, must be placed in trunk and be securely mounted with complete firewall.  No fuel lines can be running inside the cockpit.

3. Must have, 4-point roll cage or better.

4. Racing seat and belts are required.  No exceptions.

5. No extra reinforcement allowed unless between wheels on drivers side.  No body or bumper reinforcement allowed.  Bumpers must be an OEM part.  No custom fabricated bumpers.

6. Wheels and tires must be of like size and offset. No snow tires or light duty truck tires allowed.  

7. All doors, hood, and trunk lids must be chained, bolted or pinned. Must be able to open trunk.

8. Tow hooks are mandatory in front and rear.

9. All chrome, glass, mirrors and exterior plastics must be removed.

10. Numbers must be on a 3-sided sign, 16x16, securely fastened to car top. Putting number on door is optional.

11. Battery must be securely fastened and enclosed in a metal box in stock position or behind driver’s seat  Only one 12volt battery allowed..

12.  No cooling systems (i.e. water, transmission, and oil) allowed in drivers compartment

13. No spring block spacers, etc allowed.  

14. Wheel base must be equal side to side.  Wheels must be with in 1 inch of level, top to bottom.

15. Driver removable window net must be installed.

16. Nose pieces must be for appearance only and not for support or reinforcement.

17.No added ballast weights.

18.All suspension and steering components must be OEM for the make and model of your vehicle.

19.  Must have 4 wheel working brakes.