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Snellenberger Takes Checkers at SIS
Stuart, IA (September 2) – The 51st regular season at Stuart Speedway drew to a close a week ago with Season Championships, but the racing extended one extra week for the running of the Night Before the Nationals special. Josh May, Devin Snellenberger, Luke Wanninger and Andy Forcht took the wins at the first ever Clint Walrod Memorial. Walrod wa...

s the son of Stock Car driver Michael “Wombat” Walrod. Clint passed away 10 years ago and always wanted to drive a Dwarf Car. He is missed greatly and hopefully we can continue to honor his memory with this race.
The MADCRA Mod Lites came out first with Josh May and Chase Flatt on the front row. May led the first two laps until a red flag came out for Cory Sonner’s roll down the front stretch. Sonner was ok, but would be done for the night. As the racing started back up, May continued to lead with Mike Morrill and Dustin Forsberg giving chase. Try as they may, there was no matching May on this night as he led all 25 laps to pick up the win. Morrill crossed in second with Forsberg third, Flatt fourth and Greg Rossell fifth. Jake Halcomb and Colby Oberembt were the heat race winners.
John Heinz and Marcus Fagan picked up the first two Frisbees off of the track to make up the front row for the IMCA Stock Cars. Three yellows in three laps jumbled up the field a bit, but Fagan led with the Wisconsin drivers Heinz and Devin Snellenberger close behind. Snellenberger moved past Heinz on lap seven and two laps later took over the top spot. Fagan and Heinz battled for second with Nebraska wheelman Casey Werkmeister joining the fight on lap fifteen only to get a flat tire a lap later. Fagan settled the second place battle and set after the win, but there was no catching Snellenberger as the driver from the Badger state took the win under a yellow checkered. Fagan settled for second with Heinz third, Jamie Schirm fourth and Joe Zadina fifth. Brian Blessington, Doug Seidl and Fagan were the heat race winners.
The Frisbee pick up produced Josh Most and Josh Gilman as the front row starters for the IMCA Modifieds. Most led early with Gilman and New Mexico driver Regan Tafoya in tow. As those three fought to stay at the top, seventeenth starting Luke Wanninger was moving toward the front, getting to fourth on lap ten. Wanninger took the lead on lap fourteen with Most going back on top a lap later. Wanninger took over for good on lap seventeen and went on to the win. Most finished second with Gilman third, Tafoya fourth and Bub LeRette fifth. Tafoya, Most and LeRette were the heat race winners.
6 Cylinder FWD’s were the last race on the Speedway for the season with Andy Forcht and James Britton on the front row. Forcht, the heat race winner, led every lap to pick up the win. Britton was second with Riley Songer third and Nash Coe fourth.
We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our final event of the year. This season was one of our best ever, and it is due to all of the great fans, racers and crews that come out the track all season long. All of us at Stuart Speedway want to thank you for coming along for the ride, and hope you can join us at our banquet at the Stuart Legion on November 17th. Happy hour starts at 5:30 with dinner at 6:30 and awards at 7. Chuck will be mailing out cards to everyone, but if you’d like you can RSVP to Stuart Speedway on Facebook or email See you then!

Modifieds - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 17 20 Luke Wanninger Jefferson , Ia
2 1 92 Josh Most Red Oak, Ia
3 2 83G Josh Gilman Earlham , Ia
4 3 24R Regan Tafoya Farmington , Nm
5 11 3L Bub Lerette Council Bluffs, Ia
6 6 4 Tony Hilgenberg Waukee , Ia
7 14 13H Travis Hatcher Honey Creek, Ia
8 8 26S Steven Glenn , Mo
9 13 53T Larry Sutton Beloits , Ks
10 20 51 Tyler Vandekamp Ankeny , Ia
11 15 14B Scott Bash Windsor Heights, Ia
12 10 18Z Zane Devilbiss Farmington , Nm
13 9 31R Rex Parkison Earlham , Ia
14 7 131S Ed Seibert Dexter , Ia
15 5 13J Jared Deterding Lincoln , Ne
16 4 44 Joe Spillman Mable Falls, Tx
17 21 13 Jerry Frydrych Austin , Tx
18 19 99N Kenny Neu Oakley , Ca
19 12 48J Jacob Murray Hartford , Ia
20 18 5D Devon Havlik Iowa Falls, Ia
21 16 5 Todd Shute Des Moines, Ia

Stock Cars - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 3 121X Devin Snellenberger Pulaski , Wi
2 2 1F Marcus Fagan Adair , Ia
3 1 57 John Heinz Green Bay, Wi
4 5 56 Jamie Schirm Dexter , Ia
5 4 3 Joe Zadina Corning , Ia
6 12 92B Brian Blessington Breda , Ia
7 9 78 Jeff Anderson Atlantic , Ia
8 16 11J Jeff Johnson Indianola , Ia
9 8 98 Derrick Rohe Audubon , Ia
10 15 50 Robert Stofer Jefferson , Ia
11 19 4 Ron Godwin Earlham , Ia
12 14 711 Michael Walrod Desoto , Ia
13 17 6 Adam Hilgenberg Waukee , Ia
14 13 23A Jeremy Gettler Adair , Ia
15 18 25 Bob Daniels Des Moines, Ia
16 11 24W Casey Werkmeister North Platte, Ne
17 7 M36 Clay Mercer Corning , Ia
18 22 10 Mike Mccarthy Hutto , Tx
19 20 17R Derek Reimer Marshalltown , Ia
20 6 27S Doug Seidl Des Moines, Ia
21 10 81X Randy Killen Des Moines, Ia
22 21 96D Doug Unsen Windsor , Co
23 23 66 Jeff Joldersma Mcclelland , Ia

6 cyl. FWD - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 1 17 Andy Forcht Stuart , Ia
2 2 51B James Britton Indianola , Ia
3 3 42 Riley Songer Lorimor , Ia
4 4 3 Nash Coe Stuart , Ia
5 5 43 Wade King Pleasantville , Ia

Dwarf Cars - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 1 99 Josh May Desoto , Ia
2 4 6 Mike Morrill Pleasant Hill, Ia
3 3 95 Dustin Forsberg Bel Aire, Ks
4 2 08F Chase Flatt Monmouth , Il
5 5 77 Greg Rossell Knoxville , Ia
6 7 2 Jake Halcomb Monmouth , Il
7 10 8 Dusty Masolini Des Moines, Ia
8 12 11R Jason Whitehead Nevada , Ia
9 8 0B Colby Oberembt Adel , Ia
10 9 3C Duane Coffman Grimes , Ia
11 11 93 Tim Milner Corydon , Ia
12 14 19JR Danny Foster Slater , Ia
13 13 4L Larry Sorenson Ames , Ia