May, Gilman and Murty Take Home the Cash

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (September 21) – Mother Nature had it out for Stuart Speedway in season #53, and there was no exception when it came to our season ending special. The Night Before the Nationals was postponed until September 20th, and then pushed back one more day due to 2 ½” of rain, but the skies would clear and a great field of cars showed up for one last night of action at the bullring! Jimmy May, Clint Luellen, Damon Murty, Josh Gilman and John Watson were the big winners on the 12th and final night of the season.
After heat races were completed the Mod Lites made their way to the track for the Clint Walrod Memorial. Clint passed away twelve years ago and is remembered fondly by friends and family. He was an avid Dwarf Car (now Mod Lite) fan and his father, Michael “Wombat” Walrod, is a huge supporter of dirt track racing in Central Iowa. Wombat has made this event bigger every year and we hope to help continue this race for years to come. Dusty Masolini and Dillon Raffurty brought the field to green with Raffurty leading lap one. Masolini followed close behind with Josh May in third, but May didn’t stay there for long. The #99 moved into second on lap four and took over the lead on lap six. Jimmy May made it a family affair as he moved into second on lap eleven, and the two proceeded to check out. Jimmy made the pass on lap fifteen with Josh running second and Raffurty third. Josh May’s engine gave up on lap nineteen, leaving his dad out front for the final six laps. Jimmy needed no help as he would go on to take the win, the $1000 and the Regional Stars Event. Masolini finished in second with Cory Sauerman third, Raffurty fourth and Tim Hennigar fifth after starting nineteenth. Both of the May’s and Masolini were the heat race winners.
IMCA Northern SportMods came out next with Clint Luellen and Jerry Hinton on the front row. Luellen took charge with Hinton and Jake McBirnie in tow. A lap six caution slowed the field, but once the green flew again the #3L Razor Chassis set sail, picking up win number 24 on the season! Kody Havens moved up from his eighth starting spot to take second with Lynn Brockett third, McBirnie fourth and Chase Rudolf fifth. Luellen and Havens were the heat race winners.
Next up was the IMCA Stock Cars with Alan VanGorp and Chris Pruitt leading the field to green. Pruitt led VanGorp and Jeff Anderson on lap one with Damon Murty and Anderson battling side by side behind Pruitt for the next five laps. Anderson nosed out Pruitt for the lead on lap seven with Murty following into second a lap later. Murty ran a groove higher and slowly overtook Anderson, finally securing the lead on lap twelve. Murty would go on to pick up the win with Anderson second, Marcus Fagan third, Bob Daniels fourth and Derrick Rohe fifth. Anderson and Andrew Altenburg were the heat race winners.
Josh Most and Nick Roberts were the lucky ones that pulled the first two chips for the IMCA Modifieds, and after two lap one skirmishes Most would be the leader over Jeff James and Jeff Joldersma through lap four. That’s when Josh Gilman made it to fourth from his ninth starting spot. Three laps later Gilman took over the lead and never looked back in taking the win and putting himself on the 2015 Fastshafts All-Star Invitational ballot. Luke Wanninger finished in second with James third, Jimmy Gustin fourth from his fifteenth starting spot and Most rounding out the top five. Scott Bash, Ben Kates and Luke Wanninger were the heat race winners.
IMCA Hobby Stocks were the last feature for the night with Andy Hick and Jason Day on the front row. Day got the jump and led over Shannon Anderson and Hick through lap four. John Watson made it into third on lap five as Day and Anderson held the top two spots. Watson challenged Anderson and took over second on lap thirteen, but Day was strong out front as flagman Bob Moses held out his hand to show the field that there was five laps to go. Watson moved up a groove and began to reel in Day, and with one lap to go it was anyone’s race! Day moved his line just a bit going into turn one, and that was all The Mayor needed as he would go on to the feature win. Day finished up a disappointing second with Anderson third, Jamie Songer fourth and Chanse Hollatz fifth. Hick and Anderson were the heat race winners.
There was a six lap powder puff for the Mod Lites after the Hobby Stock Feature and the winner was Amber Dennis. Participants were Mindy Marker, Nancy Javaux, Dennis, Shallee Keenan and Kellie Keenan.
We want to thank all of you for your support in 2014. We couldn’t do what we do without the awesome drivers, fans and sponsors that support us and we want you all to know that we appreciate each and every one of you. We look forward to seeing drivers and crews on November 1st at our annual banquet, and before you know it we will be kicking off season 54 at Stuart Speedway! See you then!



Modifieds - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 9 83G    Josh Gilman    Earlham , Ia
2 11 20    Luke Wanninger    Minburn , Ia
3 8 71    Jeff James    Stanton , Ia
4 15 19    Jimmy Gustin    Marshalltown , Ia
5 1 89    Josh Most    Red Oak, Ia
6 14 66    Jeff Joldersma    Mcclelland , Ia
7 5 V31    Todd Vaneaton    Orient , Ia
8 3 14B    Scott Bash    Windsor Heights, Ia
9 12 80    Steve Reetz    Arcadia , Ia
10 13 4    Tony Hilgenberg    Waukee , Ia
11 21 31R    Rex Parkison    Earlham , Ia
12 20 14    Ron Bash    Stuart , Ia
13 19 131S    Ed Seibert    Dexter , Ia
14 16 32    Lloyd Henderson    Bouton , Ia
15 7 23K    Ben Kates    Tonganoxie , Ks DNF
16 10 49J    Jason Murray    Hartford , Ia DNF
17 18 18    Jake Durbin    Perry , Ia DNF
18 2 23JR    Nick Roberts    Des Moines, Ia DNF
19 4 3F    Cole Ferguson    Dexter , Ia DNF
20 6 21K    Kyle Brown    Kellogg , Ia DNF
21 17 57V    Mike Van Genderen    Newton , Ia DNS

Stock Cars - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 3 99D    Damon Murty    Chelsea , Ia
2 4 78    Jeff Anderson    Atlantic , Ia
3 10 1F    Marcus Fagan    Adair , Ia
4 6 25    Bob Daniels    Des Moines, Ia
5 12 98    Derrick Rohe    Audubon , Ia
6 8 25J    Josh Daniels    Carlisle , Ia
7 5 00    Andrew Altenburg    Truman , Mn
8 1 19A    Alan Vangorp     , Ia
9 7 3S    Bryan Snell    Coon Rapids, Ia
10 11 55    Cory Bushnell    Madrid , Ia
11 2 22    Chris Pruitt    Stuart , Ia
12 13 22S    Alex Kading    Casey , Ia
13 9 78P    Terry Pruitt    Dexter , Ia DNF

SportMods - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 1 3L    Clint Luellen    Minburn , Ia
2 8 99K    Kody Havens    Wiota , Ia
3 7 57    Lynn Brockett    Ogden , Ia
4 5 82    Jake Mcbirnie    Boone , Ia
5 3 8CR    Chase Rudolf    Prole , Ia
6 6 711    Michael Walrod    Desoto , Ia
7 9 321    Andy Tiernan     , Ia
8 2 34    Jerry Hinton    Adel , Ia
9 10 39    Larry Embrey    Madrid , Ia
10 4 55R    Carl Allbee    Grand Junction, Ia DNF

Hobby Stocks - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 8 4W    John Watson    Des Moines, Ia
2 2 7D    Jason Day    Stuart , Ia
3 4 78    Shannon Anderson    Des Moines, Ia
4 3 96R    Jamie Songer    Ankeny , Ia
5 14 6    Chanse Hollatz    Clear Lake, Ia
6 1 5H    Andy Hick    Adel , Ia
7 7 3W    Matthew Hudspeth    Granger , Ia
8 10 33D    Rusty Gyles    St. Charles, Ia
9 9 92    Buck Schafroth    Orient , Ia
10 11 2    Corey Madden    Avoca , Ia
11 6 24    Michael Rice    Elmwood , Ne
12 17 224    Gina Greubel    Lacona , Ia
13 12 3F    Curt Peters    Des Moines, Ia
14 16 01F    Jeff Fink    Denison , Ia
15 15 9W    Larry Routh    Norwalk , Ia
16 13 4K    Tim Barber    Story City, Ia DNF
17 5 78B    Andrew Burg    Adel , Ia DNF

Mod Lites - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 10 5J    Jimmy May    Desoto , Ia
2 1 8    Dusty Masolini    Des Moines, Ia
3 3 17    Cory Sauerman    Grimes , Ia
4 2 46X    Dillon Raffurty    Kansas City, Mo
5 19 57    Tim Hennigar    Clarion , Ia
6 12 09    Joel Keenan    Des Moines, Ia
7 7 6    Mike Morrill    Altoona , Ia
8 11 95    Mike Kennedy    Boone , Ia
9 4 64    Randy Bryan    Ames , Ia
10 22 46    Kevin Grishom    Ogden , Ia
11 5 01    Todd Shute    Des Moines, Ia
12 14 3    Cory Dennis    Madrid , Ia
13 6 3G    Joe Glick    Des Moines, Ia
14 16 7    Erin Turner    Newton , Ia
15 21 12    Amber Coffman    Nevada , Ia
16 18 3X    Nathan Wolfe    Lee's Summit, Mo
17 20 09X    Robert See    Des Moines, Ia
18 13 88    Justin Rankin    Madrid , Ia DNF
19 8 99    Josh May    Desoto , Ia DNF
20 9 82    Charlie Brown    Nevada , Ia DNF
21 15 4X    Tony Kerr    Kansas City, Mo DNF
22 17 11R    Jason Whitehead    Nevada , Ia DNF