Monday Night Magic….Again!

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (August 13) – A second Monday Night Spotlight presented by IMCA.TV brought 60 drivers in three classes out to the bullring for some racing action! Austin Luellen, Dylan Nelson and Josh Gilman took home the cash and the hardware in front of a great crowd at Stuart Speedway.

The first feature on the track was the IMCA Northern SportMods with Brayton Carter and Brett Vanderheiden on the front row. Carter led Matt Webb and Ethan Braaksma early with Chase Rudolf and Austin Luellen fighting for fourth. Luellen got past Rudolf on lap five, and lap six saw Braaksma and Luellen pass Webb to run second and third as Carter continued to lead. Lap twelve saw Luellen get to second and set out to reel in Carter, who had built up a decent lead. That advantage quickly went away, but Luellen couldn’t get past the leader and Carter went on to be the first car to the checkered flag. The win, however, would go to Luellen as Carter was disqualified in post-race tech for an illegal ignition. Braaksma finished second with Rudolf third, Webb fourth and Bryce Allen fifth. Rudolf, Braaksma and Luellen were the heat race winners.

Solomon Bennett and Jeremy Purdy brought the IMCA Hobby Stocks to the green flag next with Purdy leading Tommy Killen Jr and Brandon Cox on lap one. Killen Jr took over the lead on lap four, but it only lasted two circuits before eighth starting Dylan Nelson found his way into the top spot. Corey Madden and Cox trailed Killen Jr, but there was no catching Nelson as he went on to the win in the caution free event. Killen Jr finished second with Madden third, Cox fourth and twentieth starting John Watson fifth. Purdy, Jamie Coady, Cox and Nelson were the heat race winners.

IMCA Modifieds were the last race of the night with Josh Gilman and Matthew Meinecke on the front row. Gilman set the pace early on with Meinecke and Josh Most close behind. Jesse Dennis passed Most on lap four with Clint Luellen making it to fourth a lap later. Eleventh starting Ricky Thornton Jr got by Most for fifth on lap nine as the top five began to separate themselves from the pack. Gilman, who had built a large lead, began to see lap traffic on lap sixteen and had a tough time negotiating. This allowed Meinecke to close the gap as the laps wound down. Gilman was able to pass a lapped car on lap twenty three, and that gave him the cushion he needed as he went on to the win in another caution free event! Meinecke finished second with Dennis third, Luellen fourth and Thornton Jr fifth. Luellen, Thornton Jr and Gilman were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our thirteenth event of the year. This Friday is Anita Supply Company Night with our five regular classes in action. See you then!


SportMod Feature

1. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia.

2. Ethan Braaksma (11)

Newton, Ia.

3. Chase Rudolf (8R)

Prole, Ia.

4. Matt Webb (51X)

Des Moines, Ia.

5. Bryce Allen (16A)

Imogene, Ia.

6. Arie Schouten (99RE)

Blair, Ne.

7. Thomas Egenberger (98)

Des Moines, Ia.

8. David Schwartz (57S)

Greenfield, Ia.

9. Mitchell Morris (26M)

St. Charles, Ia.

10. Hunter Longnecker (93)

Woodward, Ia.

11. Ed Hamilton (72)

Atlantic, Ia.

12. Brett Vanderheiden (29V)

Stuart, Ia.

13. Tommy Hensley (8TTB)

Bedford, Ia.

14. Shawn Kralik (0)

Creston, Ia.

15. Jake Sachau (14)

Denison, Ia.

16. Kyle Tanner (3)

Fontanelle, Ia.

17. Brayton Carter (01)

Oskaloosa, Ia.


Hobby Stock Feature

1. Dylan Nelson (13N)

Adel, Ia.

2. Tommy Killen, Jr. (1K)

Des Moines, Ia.

3. Corey Madden (2)

Avoca, Ia.

4. Brandon Cox (66)

Norwalk, Ia.

5. John Watson (4W)

Des Moines, Ia.

6. Solomon Bennett (11B)

Minburn, Ia.

7. Nick Foster(r) (17F)

Menlo, Ia.

8. Jason Kohl (27)

Missouri Valley, Ia.

9. Matt Tiernan (7M)

Stuart, Ia.

10. Jeremy Purdy (4)

Bedford, Ia.

11. Chuck Madden (2X)

Avoca, Ia.

12. Matthew Wahl (20W)

Norwalk, Ia.

13. Gregg Anderson (3A)

Perry, Ia.

14. Chris Bates (104)

Griswold, Ia.

15. Bryce Sommerfeld (50)

Fort Dodge, Ia.

16. Korbin Nourse (12)

Dexter, Ia.

17. Ed Swanson (44)

Braddyville, Ia.

18. Rowan Mason (29)

Lincoln, Ne.

19. Tommy Beekman (3TK)

Otho, Ia.

20. Jamie Coady(r) (56J)

Colfax, Ia.

21. Bob Daniels (25D)

Des Moines, Ia.

22. Jack Phillips (00)

Mitchellville, Ia.

23. Adam Ayers(r) (31)

Adair, Ia.

24. Tonia Stevens (3T)

Guernsey, Ia.



1. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia.

2. Matthew Meinecke (5M)

Jamaica, Ia.

3. Jesse Dennis (70)

Corning, Ia.

4. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia.

5. Ricky Thornton Jr (20RT)

Harcourt, Ia.

6. Josh Most (92)

Red Oak, Ia.

7. Jeff James (71)

Stanton, Ia.

8. Dave Brown (21D)

Kellogg, Ia.

9. Kyle Brown (21K)

Madrid, Ia.

10. Shadren Turner (17T)

St. Joseph, Mo.

11. Todd Vaneaton (V31)

Orient, Ia.

12. Cory Sauerman (17)

Johnston, Ia.

13. Taylor Musselman(r) (13T)

Urbandale, Ia.

14. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia.

15. Nick Roberts (23JR)

Des Moines, Ia.

16. Jeff Wiggins (36T)

Greenfield, Ia.

17. Nate Thompson (3T)

Fremont, Ne.

18. Joel Bushore (87)

Boone, Ia.

19. D J Shannon (32)

Merced, Ca.












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