Jack Phillips Wins 1st Feature in 25 Years at Anita Supply Company Night in Stuart

Story by Cyndie Lamb

Night thirteen of season 2018 did not disappoint. It was a beautiful night of racing and the track was a good as it has ever been. If you like to see side by side racing, this was the night for you. Austin and Clint Luellen both picked up wins along with Hunter Patrick, Jack Phillips, and Brandon Pruitt. Thanks to some great sponsors, four kids left the races with a new bike.

The IMCA Northern Sport Mods started off the feature action on Friday with Arie Shouten (99RE) and David Schwartz (57S) on the front row. Shouten took the early lead and managed to hang onto it for the first two laps. The points leader, Austin Luellen (3A) started 6th, but it didn’t take him long to find the front. On lap three he edged past Shouten at the start/finish line to take the lead and never looked back. The rest of the pack kept the race exciting with three wide racing and battles for every position. Luellen extended his point lead going into the season championship. Shouten finished second, Chase Rudolf third, Schwartz 4th and Garrett Nelson was fifth.

The Hobby Stocks took the track with JR Cory (70X) and Jack Phillips in the double zero out front. Phillips took the lead. Adam Ayers made an unsuccessful challenge for the lead before John “The Mayor” Watson in the 4W pulled up on Phillips bumper. Watson rode side by side with Phillips for a couple of laps, but couldn’t make the pass. Then Phillips led a pack of four challengers, Watson, Ayers, and Jeremy Purdy for handful of laps until a dust up in turns three and four brought out the yellow. Tommy Killen, Jr slid down the track narrowly missing a collision. Phillips held off all contenders in a hard-fought race. Phillips’ victory lane speech was emotional as he announced this was his first win in 25 years. Watson was second, Purdy third, Ayers fourth, and Dylan Nelson was fifth.

Myke Gorman (G12) and Cody Pierce (21P) led the Sport Compacts to the green flag. Hunter Patrick took the lead early. After some contact in turns three and four, John Dahlsten’s car caught on fire. The repsonders were able to get Dahlsten out safely. The 454 lost a tire in the melee, and it provided a light-hearted moment for the crowd when the tire finished the lap and made it safely through turns one and two before finally coming to a full stop. The current points leader, Curtis Miller struggled most of the race to get past the #9 of Kolby Sabin. He finally managed to nose past him on the last lap to finish second. Patrick finished first, Miller second, Sabin was third, fourth was Zak Sickles and John Gill finished fifth with a blown tire.

The IMCA Stock Cars took the track with Robert Stofer (50) and Cory Bushnell (55) at the helm. Stofer took the lead for a handful of laps before Brandon Pruitt moved up to challenge him for the lead. After a two-lap battle, B Pruitt took over the lead and built up a comfortable lead until a spin my Mark Menard brought out the caution. B Pruitt kept the lead the rest of the way. Chris Pruitt finished second, Marcus Fagan was third, fourth was Bushnell, with Stofer finishing fifth.

The Modifieds took the track last with Chad Anderson (8C) and Matt Meinecke leading the way. Anderson took the lead on the first lap, but Josh “Happy” Gilman took over from there. Clint Luellen, took some time to get to the front of the pack, but he passed Gilman midway through the race and took command. Gilman seemed to have some mechanical problems and fell back through the pack before making a charge back towards the front. Luellen won the race with plenty of room to spare. Anderson finished second, Meinecke third, Gilman fourth, and Jeff James finished fifth.

Thanks to all the fans and racers for being part of the fun this week. Be sure and join us for next week’s Plowman/Stanley Season Championship. All classes will be racing along with the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks. It promises to be another fun night at Stuart Speedway. Bring the kids because there will be another bike give away.


SportMod Feature

1 Austin Luellen Minburn, Ia.

2 Arie Schouten Blair, Ne.

3 Chase Rudolf Prole, Ia.

4 David Schwartz Greenfield, Ia.

5 Garrett Nelson Osceola, Ia.

6 Matt Webb Des Moines, Ia.

7 Dustin Lynch Boone, Ia.

8 Colton Nelson Osceola, Ia.

9 Hunter Longnecker Woodward, Ia.

10 Mitchell Morris St. Charles, Ia.


Sport Compacts Feature

1 Hunter Patrick St. Charles, Ia.

2 Curtis Miller Lewis, Ia.

3 Kolby Sabin Des Moines, Ia.

4 Zak Sickles Fontanelle, Ia.

5 John Gill Marshalltown, Ia.

6 Joseph Mastin Des Moines, Ia.

7 Cody Pierce(r) Linden, Ia.

8 Nikole Kimmel New Virginia, Ia.

9 Mitchell Bunch Des Moines, Ia.

10 John Dahlsten Pomeroy, Ia.

11 Myke Gorham Boone, Ia.

12 Dan Brady Deep River, Ia.


Hobby Stocks Feature

1 Jack Phillips Mitchellville, Ia.

2 John Watson Des Moines, Ia.

3 Jeremy Purdy Bedford, Ia.

4 Adam Ayers(r) Adair, Ia.

5 Dylan Nelson Adel, Ia.

6 Brandon Cox Norwalk, Ia.

7 Solomon Bennett Minburn, Ia.

8 Bob Daniels Des Moines, Ia.

9 Nick Foster(r) Menlo, Ia.

10 Rusty Gyles St. Charles, Ia.

11 J R Croy Norwalk, Ia.

12 Matthew Wahl Norwalk, Ia.

13 Ed Swanson Braddyville, Ia.

14 Tommy Killen, Jr. Des Moines, Ia.

15 Matt Tiernan Stuart, Ia.


Stock Car Feature

1 Brandon Pruitt Stuart, Ia.

2 Chris Pruitt Stuart, Ia.

3 Marcus Fagan Adair, Ia.

4 Cory Bushnell Madrid, Ia.

5 Robert Stofer Jefferson, Ia.

6 Brock Badger Bagley, Ia.

7 Ty Hill Winterset, Ia.

8 James Carroll Greenfield, Ia.

9 Mark Menard Bedford, Ia.

10 Alex Kading Dexter, Ia.


Modifieds Feature

1 Clinton Luellen Minburn, Ia.

2 Chad Andersen Fort Calhoun, Ne.

3 Matthew Meinecke Jamaica, Ia.

4 Josh Gilman Earlham, Ia.

5 Jeff James Stanton, Ia.

6 Kyle Brown Madrid, Ia.

7 Scott Bash Windsor Heights, Ia.

8 T J Patterson(r) Creston, Ia.



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