Luellen Picks Up SportMod Win #1
Story by Josh Reynolds
Stuart, IA (August 2) – After a week off, racing was in the air and Austin Luellen picking up his first ever SportMod win headlined a beautiful night of racing at Stuart Speedway. Jacob Reiter, Brian Blessington, Shannon Anderson, Jeff James and Todd Cooney were the rest of the feature winners on Farm Boy Bodies/Luellen Farms Night at the Races.
Mother Nature looked like she was going to rear her ugly head, but the storms moved south and racing took center stage with the IMCA Northern SportMods coming to the track first. Austin Luellen and Arie Schouten started on the front row, and Luellen took the lead early. Two early yellows allowed Austin’s brother Clint to move up to second, and this set up a family affair all the way to the end. Clint would go high and low searching for a way around, but this night was all Austin’s as he went on to the win. Clint finished second with Dusty Masolini third, Schouten fourth and Chase Rudolf fifth. The Luellen brothers swept the night as they were the heat race winners as well.
Ralph Bunce and Curtis Miller brought out the IMCA Sport Compacts next, but it was Jacob Reiter leading the field after lap one. The next seven stayed the same as Reiter went flag to flag to take the win. Miller and Bunce finished second and third and Miller was the heat race winner.
IMCA Stock Cars came out next with Terry Pruitt and Bryan Snell on the front row. Pruitt led lap one and Snell lap two, but once sixth starting Brian Blessington got to the front on lap three the race for the lead was over. Blessington went on to the easy win with Pruitt second, Clay Mercer third, Josh Daniels fourth and Marcus Fagan fifth. Pruitt was the heat race winner.
Keith Burg and Jamie Schirm brought out the IMCA Hobby Stocks next with Burg leading lap one. Fourth starting Shannon Anderson made it to the point on lap two and looked to run away, but Buck Schafroth wasn’t having any of that! Schafroth got to the inside of Anderson and the two would run side by side for quite a while with Schafroth stealing the lead away on lap nine and ten. Anderson countered on lap eleven and wouldn’t relinquish the top spot again as he went on to the win. Schafroth finished second with Schirm third, John Watson fourth and Austin Luellen fifth. Schirm was the heat race winner.
IMCA Modifieds were up next with Bob Daniels and Scott Bash showing the way. Bash led lap one with Matt Webb coming through to lead the next five circuits. Jeff James took the top spot on lap seven and Nick Roberts followed him past Webb a lap later. Roberts worked hard behind James and took the lead on lap seventeen after James hit the wall in turn one. James would recover and grab the lead back and go on to the hard fought win. Roberts finished a disappointing second with Webb third, Josh Gilman fourth and Todd VanEaton fifth. Brett Ladehoff and Webb were the heat race winners.
Last up for the night was the IMCA Late Models for night four of their five night season. Todd Johnson and Paul Conrad brought the field to life from the front row with Conrad leading the first eight times around. Todd Cooney stopped that streak on lap nine and sailed off into the sunset to take the easy win. John Emerson clawed from ninth up to second with Curt Schroeder third, Conrad fourth and Allen Zeitner fifth. Curtis Glover and Schroeder were the heat race winners.
Next week will be Napa Auto Parts Night at the Races. We will have our 5 regular IMCA classes and the MADCRA Mod Lites will be back in town! See you then


Late Models - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 10 30    Todd Cooney    Des Moines, Ia  
2 9 87    John Emerson    Waterloo , Ia  
3 8 15C    Curt Schroeder    Newton , Ia  
4 2 23    Paul Conrad    Colo , Ia  
5 5 76    Allen Zeitner    Bellevue , Ne  
6 6 05    Paul Nagle    Nevada , Ia  
7 1 66    Todd Johnson    Mitchellville , Ia  
8 7 8D    Daulton Maassen    Avoca , Ia  
9 4 11    Randy Faux    Earlham , Ia  
10 3 32    Curtis Glover    Des Moines, Ia   DNF
11 11 15    Dan Demey    Denison , Ia   DNS

Modifieds - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 6 71    Jeff James    Stanton , Ia  
2 8 23JR    Nick Roberts    Des Moines, Ia  
3 4 51X    Matthew Webb    Des Moines, Ia  
4 7 83G    Josh Gilman    Earlham , Ia  
5 5 V31    Todd Vaneaton    Orient , Ia  
6 3 3X    Brett Ladehoff    Marshalltown , Ia  
7 11 66P    Paul Stone    Winton , Ca  
8 2 14B    Scott Bash    Windsor Heights, Ia  
9 10 11S    Beau Kaplan    Boone , Ia  
10 9 49J    Jason Murray    Hartford , Ia   DNF
11 1 25D    Bob Daniels    Des Moines, Ia   DNF

Stock Cars - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 6 92B    Brian Blessington    Breda , Ia  
2 1 78P    Terry Pruitt    Dexter , Ia  
3 7 M36    Clay Mercer    Corning , Ia  
4 8 25J    Josh Daniels    Carlisle , Ia  
5 5 1F    Marcus Fagan    Adair , Ia  
6 4 10B    Brandon Pruitt    Dexter , Ia  
7 2 3S    Bryan Snell    Coon Rapids, Ia  
8 3 22    Chris Pruitt    Stuart , Ia   DNF
9 9 23HR    Rod Richards    Madrid , Ia   DNS

SportMods - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 1 3A    Austin Luellen    Minburn , Ia  
2 8 3L    Clint Luellen    Minburn , Ia  
3 7 8    Dusty Masolini    Des Moines, Ia  
4 2 99RE    Arie Schouten    Blair , Ne  
5 5 8R    Chase Rudolf    Prole , Ia  
6 3 30    Shawn Cooney    Des Moines, Ia  
7 9 42    Matt Hays    Stuart , Ia  
8 11 39    Larry Embrey    Madrid , Ia  
9 10 02    James Lewis    Rochester Mills, Mi   DNF
10 4 93N    Colton Nelson    Osceola , Ia   DNF
11 6 99K    Kody Havens    Wiota , Ia   DNF

Hobby Stocks - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 4 78    Shannon Anderson    Des Moines, Ia  
2 3 92    Buck Schafroth    Orient , Ia  
3 2 56    Jamie Schirm    Dexter , Ia  
4 5 4W    John Watson    Des Moines, Ia  
5 6 3A    Austin Luellen    Minburn , Ia  
6 1 14B    Keith Burg    Adel , Ia  
7 8 7M    Matt Tiernan    Stuart , Ia  
8 7 12    Korbin Nourse    Dexter , Ia  
9 10 78B    Andrew Burg    Grimes , Ia   DNF

Spt Compact - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 3 30X    Jacob Reiter    Des Moines, Ia  
2 2 411    Curtis Miller    Lewis , Ia  
3 1 6GK    Ralph Bunce    Pleasant Hill, Ia