Monday Night Magic at Stuart Speedway

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (July 2) – The engines came alive on an extremely rare Monday evening as IMCA TV presented a first of its kind event – Monday Night Spotlight. Chase Rudolf, Mike Nichols, Chad Andersen and Nick Deal took home all of the spoils in front of a packed house at Stuart Speedway.

IMCA Northern SportMods were the first feature on the track with Chase Rudolf and Randy Smith drawing the first two chips to start on the front row. Rudolf led the first four laps with Matt Webb and Smith close behind. Austin Luellen shot into third on lap five and second one circuit later as he looked to overtake Rudolf, and a caution on lap eight gave him that chance. Once the green came back out it was Thomas Egenberger joining the top three with Rudolf and Luellen still at the front. Two more yellows on laps fifteen and sixteen were the only things slowing down Rudolf on this night as he sailed to the $700 feature win. Luellen finished second, and the battle was on behind him as Jake McBirnie, Matt Webb and Ethan Braaksma rounded out the top five. Rudolf, McBirnie, Doug Smith and Egenberger were the heat race winners and Frank Packer took the B-main win.

Matthew Meinecke and Chad Andersen had the lucky draw to start on the front row of the IMCA Modified 25 lap feature. Anderson led Nick Roberts and Todd Shute until a caution flew on lap eight to slow the field. After a melee that took out a few cars on the restart, Andersen picked up where he left off in leading Roberts with Clint Luellen and Meinecke not far behind. As the race wound down it was evident that this was a two horse race with Roberts slowly gaining on Andersen. Roberts made it to Andersen’s back bumper on the back straightaway on the last lap, and with the crowd rising to its feet Andersen was able to hold off Roberts by less than a car length at the line to take the $1,000 win! Luellen finished third, Meinecke fourth and Nick Deal fifth. Luellen, Tony Hilgenberg, Deal and Roberts were the heat race winners and Josh Cooper was the B-main winner.

IMCA Stock Cars were next up with Marcus Fagan and Chris Pruitt on the front row. Pruitt set the pace early with Mike Nichols, Fagan and Damon Murty close behind. Nichols swung around Pruitt on lap six to take the lead as Murty did the same to Fagan a lap later. Murty worked on Pruitt until a yellow flew on lap twelve, and after the green flag flew he shot into second and set out after Nichols. Murty did his best, but there was no catching Nichols as he went on to the $700 win. Murty finished second with Pruitt third, Fagan fourth and Jeff Mueller fifth. Nichols, Murty and Fagan were the heat race winners.

Last up for the night’s events was the Dirt Dominator for IMCA Modifieds and Northern SportMods. This bracket-style race featured 16 cars going head to head with the winners remaining in the infield and racing until the last man was standing. It all came down to Clint Luellen and Nick Deal, and after the coin toss was won by Luellen he was able to choose where he wanted to start. Luellen chose inside, and that would be his demise as Deal found a little extra traction up high and went on to take the win, $1,000 and entry into the $10,000 to win Dirt Dominator that takes place this fall in Texas!

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our seventh event of the year. Friday night is Casey’s General Stores Night with the Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks joining the Modifieds, Stock Cars, SportMods, Hobby Stocks and Sport Compacts. See you then!


Stock Cars Feature

1. Mike Nichols (63)

Harlan, Ia.

2. Damon Murty (99D)

Chelsea, Ia.

3. Chris Pruitt (22)

Stuart, Ia.

4. Marcus Fagan (1F)

Adair, Ia.

5. Jeff Mueller (77M)

Albion, Ia.

6. Buck Schafroth (92)

Orient, Ia.

7. Wayne Gifford (22W)

Boone, Ia.

8. Troy Jerovetz (01)

Webster City, Ia.

9. Brandon Pruitt (10B)

Stuart, Ia.

10. Larry Robinson (53R)

Underwood, Ia.

11. Ty Hill (3H)

Winterset, Ia.

12. Josh Daniels (25J)

Carlisle, Ia.

13. Dillon Carlisle (32C)

Shannon City, Ia.

14. Corey Piffer (71)

Indianola, Ia.

15. Cory Bushnell (55)

Madrid, Ia.

16. Johnathan Kinser (6)

Corning, Ia.

17. Bryan Snell (3S)

Coon Rapids, Ia.

18. James Carroll (10)

Greenfield, Ia.

19. Justin Coon (15)

Earlham, Ia.

20. Brock Badger (50B)

Bagley, Ia.

21. Robert Stofer (50)

Jefferson, Ia.


Sport Mod Feature

 1. Chase Rudolf (8R)

Prole, Ia.

 2. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia.

 3. Jake McBirnie (82)

Boone, Ia.

 4. Matt Webb (51X)

Des Moines, Ia.

 5. Ethan Braaksma (11)

Newton, Ia.

 6. Thomas Egenberger (98)

Des Moines, Ia.

 7. Jake Sachau (14)

Denison, Ia.

 8. Dusty Masolini (8)

Des Moines, Ia.

 9. Cody Olsen (777)

Omaha, Ne.

 10. Jeffrey Sears (13J)

St Joseph, Mo.

 11. Johnathon Logue (69JR)

Boone, Ia.

 12. Hunter Longnecker (93)

Woodward, Ia.

 13. Ed Hamilton (72)

Atlantic, Ia.

 14. Cory Pestotnik (62)

Boone, Ia.

 15. Ramon Ortega (17R)

St Joseph, Mo.

 16. Frank Packer (77AU)

Madrid, Ia.

 17. Randy Smith (20X)

Hamilton, Mo.

 18. Brandon Patava (61)

Des Moines, Ia.

 19. D J Robinson (33R)

Des Moines, Ia.

 20. Jerod Weston (86J)

Red Oak, Ia.

 21. Nathan Buchanan (66)

Osceola, Ia.

 22. David Schwartz (57S)

Greenfield, Ia.

 23. Bryce Allen (16A)

Imogene, Ia.

 24. Doug Smith (12)

Lanesboro, Ia.


Modifieds Feature

1. Chad Andersen (8C)

Fort Calhoun, Ne.

2. Nick Roberts (23JR)

Des Moines, Ia.

3. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia.

4. Matthew Meinecke (5M)

Jamaica, Ia.

5. Nick Deal (55D)

Walnut, Ia.

6. Tony Cox (1BC)

Ames, Ia.

7. Todd Shute (5)

Norwalk, Ia.

8. Jacob Murray (48J)

Hartford, Ia.

9. Jeff James (71)

Stanton, Ia.

10. Shane Demey (15M)

Denison, Ia.

11. Eric Elliott (9E)

Boone, Ia.

12. Ryan Jenkins (6)

Omaha, Ne.

13. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia.

14. Josh Cooper (10J)

Prescott, Ia.

15. Trey Kline (00K)

Schleswig, Ia.

16. Joshua May(r) (99)

Des Moines, Ia.

17. Alison Davidson (37)

Redding, Ia.

18. Kyle Brown (21K)

Madrid, Ia.

19. Josh Most (92)

Red Oak, Ia.

20. Dave Brown (21D)

Kellogg, Ia.

21. Tony Hilgenberg (4)

Waukee, Ia.

22. Jimmy Gustin (19)

Marshalltown, Ia.

23. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia.

24. Clay Hale (22H)

Cameron, Mo.








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