Cox, Nichols, & Miller Win Clayton/Schirm Memorial

Story by Josh Reynolds


Stuart, IA (July 20) – 123 drivers from seven states packed the pits for the 1st annual Jirak Plumbing Earl Clayton/Dennis Schirm Memorial at Stuart Speedway! Curtis Miller, Jake Sachau, Ricky Thornton Jr, Mike Nichols and Brandon Cox were the big winners.

Dean Richards and Cody Cleghorn brought the IMCA Sport Compacts to green, but it didn’t last long as Richards turned Cleghorn around on the front stretch. Richards went to the tail for questionable driving and Cleghorn was unable to continue. Nathan Castellano and Curtis Miller were the biggest beneficiaries as they would lead the complete restart. Miller led Castellano and Colin Rodgers over the first half of the race. Rodgers got to second on lap seven with Denny Berghahn making the move past Rodgers on lap fifteen. Berghahn made it alongside Miller several times, but Miller was too strong on the top of the track and went on to the win. Berghahn finished second with Castellano third, Richards after restarting at the tail crossed in fourth and Mitchell Bunch fifth. Berghahn, Cleghorn and Miller were the heat race winners.

IMCA Northern SportMods came out next with Garrett Nelson and Chance Titus on the front row. Nelson led fifth starting Jake Sachau and Cory Pestotnik early on while sixth row starting Ethan Braaksma and Austin Luellen were slicing and dicing their way through the field. Sachau began to close on Nelson toward the halfway mark of the race and took the lead after Nelson bobbled in turn two. Braaksma made it to third on lap thirteen and began to close on Nelson for second, but there was no catching Sachau as he went on to the win. Braaksma passed Nelson with two laps to go to take second, Nelson was third, Luellen fourth and Jake McBirnie fifth. Pestotnik, Luellen and McBirnie were the heat race winners.

 After Cory Sauerman won the B-Feature, Taylor Musselman and Josh Gilman brought the IMCA Modifieds to life with Gilman leading lap one. Ricky Thornton Jr passed Musselman on lap two as Clint Luellen got to third on lap three. Luellen shot past Thornton on lap five with Thornton returning the favor a lap later. Gilman got into lap traffic on lap seven, and just after the leaders started the eighth lap a spinning car caught Gilman as the yellow flag flew. Thornton and Luellen capitalized and grabbed the top two spots. Tim Ward grabbed third on lap ten as Thornton and Luellen pulled away from the pack. Luellen was able to maintain a look at the leader, but as has been the case many times this season there was no stopping Thornton as he went on to take the win. Luellen finished second with Ward third, Kyle Brown fourth and Gilman fifth. Gilman, Thornton, Cole Ferguson and Matthew Meinecke were the heat race winners.

 IMCA Stock Cars came out next with Brandon Pruitt and Brock Badger on the front row. Pruitt led lap one as sixth starting Mike Nichols rocketed into second on lap two. Pruitt led lap three just before Nichols swung around to take the top spot a lap later. Jay Schmidt and Josh Daniels had a great battle for third that came to a stop when Jeff Tubbs came to a stop facing the wrong way in turn three on lap eight. After the restart it was Nichols out front with Schmidt and Daniels passing Pruitt to take second and third. While Nichols pulled away and Schmidt distanced himself from Daniels, Pruitt worked to take back third and did so on lap eighteen. That pass was the last one among the top three as Nichols went on to the dominating win. Schmidt finished second with Pruitt third, Daniels fourth and Trent Murphy fifth. Marcus Fagan, Nichols, Tubbs and Chris Pruitt were the heat race winners. After the race, Nichols was presented with the $756 winner’s check along with $1,050 of lap money raised as part of a 50/50 fundraiser for Joe College, who is battling cancer. Nichols announced in victory lane that he would be writing a check out of his winnings for $610 to Joe to help out a fellow racer. Mike, you are a class act and all of us at Stuart Speedway thank you!!

 The last race of the night was the IMCA Hobby Stocks with Cordell Hestness and Daniel Wauters on the front row. Jeremy Purdy shot into the lead on lap one with Wauters and Brandon Cox close behind. The top three stayed the same until Cox made the pass for second on lap ten. Circuits thirteen and fourteen saw Cox at the front with Purdy using some lap traffic to take back over. It began to look like Purdy had things wrapped up, but Cox found some traction and began slowly reeling in the leader and with two laps to go it was anyone’s race!! Cox took the lead away as the white flag came out and led the last time around to seal the deal and take the win in a terrific nightcap!!! Purdy finished in a disappointing second with Wauters third, sixteenth starting Tathan Burkhart fourth and Dylan Nelson fifth. Wauters, Cox, John Watson and Purdy were the heat race winners and Aaron Rudolph won the B-Feature.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our ninth event of the year. Next Friday is Kinzie Services Night with the Cruiser Cars joining the Modifieds, Stock Cars, SportMods, Hobby Stocks and Sport Compacts. See you then!


Hobby Stock Feature

1. Brandon Cox (66)

Norwalk, Ia.

2. Jeremy Purdy (4)

Bedford, Ia.

3. Daniel Wauters (09)

West Branch, Ia.

4. Tathan Burkhart (250)

Hays, Ks.

5. Dylan Nelson (13N)

Adel, Ia.

6. Adam Ayers(r) (31)

Adair, Ia.

7. Korbin Nourse (12)

Dexter, Ia.

8. Aaron Rudolph (38R)

Grand Junction, Ia.

9. Chanse Hollatz (6)

Clear Lake, Ia.

10. Bob Daniels (25D)

Des Moines, Ia.

11. Tommy Killen, Jr. (1K)

Des Moines, Ia.

12. Nick Foster(r) (17F)

Menlo, Ia.

13. Raymond Fees (47)

Des Moines, Ia.

14. Gene Nicklas (83)

Grinnell, Ia.

15. Rusty Gyles (33)

St. Charles, Ia.

16. Matt Tiernan (7M)

Stuart, Ia.

17. Brok Hopwood (20H)

Ottumwa, Ia.

18. David Simpson (J7)

Des Moines, Ia.

19. Matt McAtee (72)

Elkhart, Ia.

20. Keith Burg (14B)

Carlisle, Ia.

21. Solomon Bennett (11B)

Minburn, Ia.

22. Chris Bates (104)

Griswold, Ia.

23. Cordell Hestness(r) (4G)

Coryden, Ia.

24. John Watson (4W)

Des Moines, Ia.


Stock Car Feature

1. Mike Nichols (63)

Harlan, Ia.

2. Jay Schmidt (19J)

Tama, Ia.

3. Brandon Pruitt (10B)

Stuart, Ia.

4. Trent Murphy (25)

Jefferson, Ia.

5. Josh Daniels (25J)

Carlisle, Ia.

6. Chris Pruitt (22)

Stuart, Ia.

7. B J Wagoner (51W)

Colby, Ks.

8. Marcus Fagan (1F)

Adair, Ia.

9. Troy Jerovetz (01)

Webster City, Ia.

10. Buck Schafroth (92)

Orient, Ia.

11. Jeff Tubbs (37X)

Colby, Ks.

12. Michael Murphy (25M)

Jefferson, Ia.

13. Dusty Springer (1S)

Colby, Ks.

14. Joe Zadina (3X)

Corning, Ia.

15. Johnathan Kinser (6)

Corning, Ia.

16. Brock Badger (50B)

Bagley, Ia.

17. Justin Coon (15)

Earlham, Ia.

18. James Carroll (10)

Greenfield, Ia.

19. Alex Kading (81K)

Dexter, Ia.

20. Austin Gray (48G)

Story City, Ia.

21. Bryan Snell (3S)

Coon Rapids, Ia.

22. Cory Bushnell (55)

Madrid, Ia.

23. Spenscer Hopwood (5H)

Ottumwa, Ia.

24. Robbie Merkle (54)

Van Meter, Ia.

25. Troy Burkhart(r) (25X)

Hays, Ks.


Sport Compacts Feature

1. Curtis Miller (411)

Lewis, Ia.

2. Denny Berghahn (6JR)

Plattsmouth, Ne.

3. Nathan Castellano (711)

Des Moines, Ia.

4. Dean Richards (69X)

Creston, Ia.

5. Mitchell Bunch (83B)

Des Moines, Ia.

6. Justin Nielson (13J)

Luverne, Ia.

7. Zak Sickles (50)

Fontanelle, Ia.

8. Ralph Jones (2J)

Des Moines, Ia.

9. Zander Steiner (5A)

Shenandoah, Ia.

10. Cody Pierce(r) (21P)

Linden, Ia.

11. Joseph Mastin (99)

Des Moines, Ia.

12. Nikole Kimmel (33NK)

New Virginia, Ia.

13. B J Charlson (81)

Indianola, Ia.

14. Chris Lafoy (55)

Audobon, Ia.

15. Matt Baker(r) (03)

Britt, Ia.

16. Hunter Patrick (33H)

St. Charles, Ia.

17. Colin Rodgers (22)

Britt, Ia.

18. Kolby Sabin (9)

Des Moines, Ia.

19. Cody Cleghorn (21ZC)

Des Moines, Ia.


Modifieds Feature

1. Ricky Thornton Jr (20RT)

Harcourt, Ia.

2. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia.

3. Tim Ward (4TW)

Harcourt, Ia.

4. Kyle Brown (21K)

Madrid, Ia.

5. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia.

6. Taylor Musselman (13T)

Urbandale, Ia.

7. Kelly Shryock (3)

Fertile, Ia.

8. Cody Bauman (4B)

Eureka, Il.

9. Cole Ferguson (3F)

Dexter, Ia.

10. Matthew Meinecke (5M)

Jamaica, Ia.

11. Todd Vaneaton (V31)

Orient, Ia.

12. Josh Cooper (10J)

Prescott, Ia.

13. Brock Bauman (18)

Eureka, Il.

14. Joel Bushore (87)

Boone, Ia.

15. Jeremy Thornton (18JT)

Casa Grande, Az.

16. Chad Andersen (8C)

Fort Calhoun, Ne.

17. Dave Brown (21D)

Kellogg, Ia.

18. Cory Sauerman (17)

Johnston, Ia.

19. Tony Hilgenberg (4)

Waukee, Ia.

20. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia.

21. Shawn Ritter (7SR)

Keystone, Ia.

22. Doug Rivera (1R)

Yuma, Az.

23. Gatlin Leytham (5G)

Toledo, Ia.

24. Jon Snyder(r) (69X)

Ames, Ia.


SportMod Feature

1. Jake Sachau (14X)

Denison, Ia.

2. Ethan Braaksma (11)

Newton, Ia.

3. Garrett Nelson (95N)

Osceola, Ia.

4. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia.

5. Jake McBirnie (82)

Boone, Ia.

6. Cory Pestotnik (62)

Boone, Ia.

7. Dusty Masolini (8)

Des Moines, Ia.

8. Matt Webb (51X)

Des Moines, Ia.

9. Kody Havens (99K)

Anita, Ia.

10. Chris Burke (25)

Altoona, Ia.

11. Frank Packer (77AU)

Madrid, Ia.

12. Kyle Tanner (3)

Fontanelle, Ia.

13. Anthony Boulware (14)

Jefferson, Sd.

14. Jami Ritter (5JR)

Keystone, Ia.

15. Mitchell Morris (26M)

St. Charles, Ia.

16. Shawn Kralik (0)

Creston, Ia.

17. Chance Titus (4)

Baxter, Ia.

18. Hunter Longnecker (93)

Woodward, Ia.

19. Colton Nelson (93N)

Osceola, Ia.













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