Sabin Takes First Career Win

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (June 29) – After a week off due to weather the cars were thundering around the bullring once again on night number six of the 2018 season at Stuart Speedway. Austin Luellen, Kolby Sabin, John Watson, Brock Badger and Nick Roberts picked up the wins on National Investors Night at the Races.

Brandon Patava and Mitchell Morris brought the IMCA Northern SportMods out for the first race of the night with Patava leading the first two laps over Morris and Hunter Longnecker. Longnecker snagged the lead on lap three as Austin Luellen made his march to the front, taking second away from Patava on lap four. Luellen didn’t stop there as he passed Longnecker a lap later to take the lead. A caution on lap thirteen gave everyone a last chance at Luellen, but it was not to be as the 3A went on to take the win. Longnecker finished second with Matt Webb third, Kody Havens fourth and Colton Nelson fifth. Chase Rudolf and Luellen were the heat race winners.

IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Kolby Sabin and Mitchell Bunch leading the field to the green flag. Sabin led the first two laps with Bunch pulling ahead for the next two circuits. Hunter Patrick threw his hat in the ring to lead lap five, but it was Curtis Miller making it four wide and taking over the top spot for laps six and seven. After falling as far back as fourth, Sabin shot from third to the lead on lap eight as he and Miller would spend the rest of the race door to door for the win! Miller worked the high side hard, but each time it was Sabin at the stripe by a bumper – sometimes less than that!! Coming out of turn four on the last lap it was anyone’s race with Miller up high and Sabin in the middle of the track, and it was Sabin taking the win by about a foot at the line for his first career feature win! Miller finished second with Bunch third, Joseph Mastin fourth and Benji Clemons fifth. Miller was the heat race winner.

 Nick Foster and Matt McAtee brought out the IMCA Hobby Stocks next with Foster leading McAtee and Adam Ayers on lap one. Ayers moved into second on lap two with John Watson passing McAtee on lap four for third. Foster held the lead until Ayers made it by on lap six. Watson moved one place closer to the top spot by passing Foster on lap eight as Ayers was looking to sail to the win. Lap ten would bring trouble to Ayers as he went for a wild spin coming out of turn two to bring out the caution. Once the cars were back up to speed Ayers would retire to the pits and Watson took command of the race over Aaron Rudolph and Jeremy Purdy. Watson went on to the win with Rudolph finishing second, Purdy third, Brandon Cox fourth and McAtee fifth. Foster and McAtee were the heat race winners.

 IMCA Stock Cars came out next with Scott Bailey and Brock Badger on the front row. Badger led early over Bailey and Josh Daniels with Marcus Fagan close behind in fourth. Badger slowly increased his lead as Daniels and Bailey duked it out for second. Bailey solidified his hold on second by lap thirteen and set out after Badger. As the white flag came out it looked like Bailey had a shot, but that ended as he went too deep into turn one and ended up on top of the concrete wall, ending his night. Once the track was clear all Badger had to do was survive a green-white-checkered finish, and that’s exactly what he did to pick up his first win of the season. Daniels finished second with Fagan third, Chris Pruitt fourth and Brandon Pruitt fifth. Badger and Daniels were the heat race winners.

 Tony Hilgenberg and Chad Anderson led the IMCA Modifieds out for the last race of the night with Anderson leading Nick Roberts and Hilgenberg early. Anderson looked strong, but Roberts worked the bottom side of the track to take the lead on lap six. Meanwhile, Josh Gilman and Clint Luellen were easing their way forward to third and fourth as Roberts pulled out to a sizeable lead. Luellen made it to third on lap seventeen just before a spinning TJ Patterson brought out the yellow. The three lap shootout brought the field up to the back bumper of Roberts, but there was no denying that the 23JR was the class field as he went on to the feature win. Anderson finished second with Luellen third, Gilman fourth and Matthew Meinecke fifth. Meinecke and Roberts were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our sixth event of the year. Monday, July 2 will see a first of its kind event at Stuart Speedway. Monday Night Spotlight is a pilot program backed by IMCA.TV to showcase weekly racing tracks on a night that most fans would be at home. The ticket price has been slashed for those that want to witness this spectacle in person to $5.00. A Pit Pass will cost $25.00. In addition, for those that can’t make it to the track, thanks to Karl Chevrolet of Stuart this Spotlight will be broadcast for FREE on Facebook Live, all night! Modifieds will race for $1000.00 to win, $100.00 to start supported by Northern SportMods $700 to win, $50.00 to start and Stock Cars for $700.00 to win and $50.00 to start. It does not end there. Dirt Dominator Round 12 will cap off the night for $1000 to win. 1-on-1 bracket style racing but with a catch! Modifieds and Northern SportMods will race each other in the Dirt Dominator! We can’t wait to catch the action in person and we know you can’t either! See you then!



Stock Car Feature

1. Brock Badger (50B)

Bagley, Ia.

2. Josh Daniels (25J)

Carlisle, Ia.

3. Marcus Fagan (1F)

Adair, Ia.

4. Chris Pruitt (22)

Stuart, Ia.

5. Brandon Pruitt (10B)

Stuart, Ia.

6. James Carroll (10)

Greenfield, Ia.

7. Buck Schafroth (92)

Orient, Ia.

8. Scott Bailey (64)

Carlisle, Ia.

9. Justin Coon (15)

Earlham, Ia.

10. Ty Hill (3H)

Winterset, Ia.


Modified Feature

1. Nick Roberts (23JR)

Des Moines, Ia.

2. Chad Andersen (8C)

Fort Calhoun, Ne.

3. Clinton Luellen (3L)

Minburn, Ia.

4. Josh Gilman (83G)

Earlham, Ia.

5. Matthew Meinecke (5M)

Jamaica, Ia.

6. Josh Cooper (10J)

Prescott, Ia.

7. Tony Hilgenberg (4)

Waukee, Ia.

8. Cory Sauerman (17)

Johnston, Ia.

9. Jason Hickingbottom (45H)

Ogden, Ia.

10. T J Patterson(r) (14)

Creston, Ia.

11. Joel Bushore (87)

Boone, Ia.

12. Scott Bash (14B)

Windsor Heights, Ia.



1. Austin Luellen (3A)

Minburn, Ia.

2. Hunter Longnecker (93)

Woodward, Ia.

3. Matt Webb (51X)

Des Moines, Ia.

4. Kody Havens (99K)

Anita, Ia.

5. Colton Nelson (93N)

Osceola, Ia.

6. Dusty Masolini (8)

Des Moines, Ia.

7. Brandon Patava (61)

Des Moines, Ia.

8. Garrett Nelson (95N)

Osceola, Ia.

9. Bryce Allen (16A)

Imogene, Ia.

10. Chris Burke (25)

Altoona, Ia.

11. Mitchell Morris (26M)

St. Charles, Ia.

12. Chase Rudolf (8R)

Prole, Ia.

13. Thomas Egenberger (98)

Des Moines, Ia.


Hobby Stocks

1. John Watson (4W)

Des Moines, Ia.

2. Aaron Rudolph (38R)

Grand Junction, Ia.

3. Jeremy Purdy (4)

Bedford, Ia.

4. Brandon Cox (66)

Norwalk, Ia.

5. Matt McAtee (72)

Elkhart, Ia.

6. Korbin Nourse (12)

Dexter, Ia.

7. Greg Gilbert (22W)

Osceola, Ia.

8. Solomon Bennett (11B)

Minburn, Ia.

9. Nick Foster(r) (17F)

Menlo, Ia.

10. Shane Butler (37)

Scranton, Ia.

11. Jack Phillips (00)

Mitchellville, Ia.

12. Matthew Wahl (20W)

Norwalk, Ia.

13. Adam Ayers(r) (31)

Adair, Ia.

14. David Simpson (J7)

Des Moines, Ia.

15. Tommy Killen, Jr. (1K)

Des Moines, Ia.

16. Matt Tiernan (7M)

Stuart, Ia.


Sport Compacts

1. Kolby Sabin (9)

Des Moines, Ia.

2. Curtis Miller (411)

Lewis, Ia.

3. Mitchell Bunch (83B)

Des Moines, Ia.

4. Joseph Mastin (99)

Des Moines, Ia.

5. Benji Clemons (55)

Norwalk, Ia.

6. Zak Sickles (50)

Fontanelle, Ia.

7. Hunter Patrick (33H)

St. Charles, Ia.

8. Owen Richards (069)

Creston, Ia.

9. Dean Richards (69X)

Creston, Ia.




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