Roberts and Pruitt Win Big

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (June 14) – A packed house came to see some great racing, and the top notch drivers at Stuart Speedway didn’t disappoint!! Travis Stensland, Clint Luellen, Cory Flanigan, Austin Luellen, Josh Pruitt and Nick Roberts were the winners for the rescheduled Ron Little/Bones Memorial along with the Stew Hansen Dodge Stock Car Shootout.
Mod Lites were the first feature to the racetrack with Travis Stensland and Ted Jensen on the front row. Stensland and Cory Sauerman led the field around in the top two spots until Joel Huggins moved by Sauerman on lap fourteen. Huggins made up some ground, but would run out of time as Stensland took the win in the caution free event. Huggins finished second with Mike Morrill third, Josh May fourth and Randy Bryan fifth. Morrill and Stensland were the heat race winners.
Matt Hays and Chase Rudolf led the IMCA Northern SportMods to green next with Rudolf leading through lap five. After multiple yellows trying to get lap six in the books, Kody Havens took over the lead with Clint Luellen and Dusty Masolini giving chase. Luellen went high and low and finally took the lead as the white flag flew. Havens worked behind Luellen and as the two came out of turn four the 99K lost control and spun to the infield. Luellen went on to the win with Masolini second, Lynn Brockett third, Hays fourth and Rudolf fifth. Havens and Brockett were the heat race winners.
IMCA Sport Compacts were up next with Curtis Miller and Cory Flanigan on the front row. Flanigan made quick work of the ten lap feature in leading all the laps and picking up the win. Jacob Reiter finished second with Miller third, Jacob Peters fourth and Kevin Staack fifth. Flanigan also picked up the heat race win.
Buck Schafroth and Austin Luellen brought out the IMCA Hobby Stocks for their fifteen lap feature next with Schafroth leading the first two laps. Luellen made the pass on the top side on lap three with Shannon Anderson and John Watson trailing Schafroth. As Luellen pulled away, Anderson made it into second on lap nine and set his sights on the win. Watson got to third on lap ten and had a great race with Anderson for second, but nothing was stopping Luellen on this night as he went on to take the caution free win. Luellen had quite a recovery from the night before as he rolled at least ten times at Harlan! Anderson finished second with Watson third, Cory Adams fourth and Schafroth fifth. Watson and Anderson were the heat race winners.
IMCA Stock Cars were up next for the fourth annual Stew Hansen Dodge Stock Car Shootout with Josh Daniels and Josh Pruitt on the front row. Daniels led lap one with Pruitt moving by on the top side on lap two. Jay Schmidt followed Pruitt by into second with Devin Smith passing Daniels for third a lap later. After a caution on lap four Brian Blessington got himself into third as Pruitt and Schmidt held the top two spots. The top three remained the same for the rest of the race as Schmidt and Blessington fought tooth and nail for second, but in his first EVER Stock Car feature at Stuart Speedway, Josh Pruitt went on to the win and the $1000 prize!! Blessington won the battle for second with Schmidt third, Marcus Fagan fourth and Brandon Pruitt fifth. Josh Pruitt and Schmidt were the heat race winners.
Last up for the night would be the IMCA Modifieds and the fifteenth annual Ron Little/Bones Memorial. Sixteen years ago we lost a great man in Ron, and last year we lost our great friend Richard “Bones” Welch. Both of these gentle giants were honored for this race, and we all think of and miss them greatly. After Jacob Murray, Nick Roberts and Todd Shute took the heat race wins, Ron and Scott Bash led the field to green with Murray squeezing through to take the early lead. Three early cautions kept the pace down, but once the green flew again Murray led Roberts and Shute with Luke Wanninger lurking around the bottom of the track in fourth. Lap fifteen saw Wanninger get past Shute for third while Murray continued to lead Roberts. Around that time Roberts began to gain ground on the bottom, and on lap nineteen snagged the top spot. The last caution flew on lap twenty-one when Cole Ferguson spun off the front bumper of Scott Bash. This set up a four lap shootout for the win, and Roberts was up to the task in taking the checkers and the $1000 top prize along with the honor of being on the Fashtshaft All Star Invitational ballot for this season! Wanninger took the runner up spot with Murray third, Shute fourth and Jimmy Gustin fifth. It was a great race to say the least!!!!
We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our fourth event of the year. Next week will be Avey Sanitation Night at the Races. We will have our 5 regular IMCA classes and we can’t wait for another great night of side by side racing! See you then!


Modifieds - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 5 23JR    Nick Roberts    Des Moines, Ia  
2 8 20    Luke Wanninger    Minburn , Ia  
3 4 48J    Jacob Murray    Hartford , Ia  
4 3 5    Todd Shute    Des Moines, Ia  
5 6 19    Jimmy Gustin    Marshalltown , Ia  
6 9 66    Jeff Joldersma    Mcclelland , Ia  
7 18 1R    Craig Reetz    Dunlap , Ia  
8 14 3F    Cole Ferguson    Dexter , Ia  
9 11 92    Josh Most    Red Oak, Ia  
10 16 823    Jared Hansen    Audubon , Ia  
11 19 25!    Trevor Baker    Roca , Ne  
12 2 14B    Scott Bash    Windsor Heights, Ia  
13 13 136T    Jeff Wiggins    Greenfield , Ia  
14 20 49J    Jason Murray    Hartford , Ia   DNF
15 17 25D    Bob Daniels    Des Moines, Ia   DNF
16 10 83G    Josh Gilman    Earlham , Ia   DNF
17 1 14    Ron Bash    Stuart , Ia   DNF
18 7 B00K    Dylan Book    Adel , Ia   DNF
19 12 51X    Matthew Webb    Des Moines, Ia   DNF
20 15 5M    Matthew Meinecke    Madrid , Ia   DNF

Stock Cars - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 2 78J    Josh Pruitt    Stuart , Ia  
2 7 92B    Brian Blessington    Breda , Ia  
3 4 19J    Jay Schmidt     , Ia  
4 11 1F    Marcus Fagan    Adair , Ia  
5 8 10B    Brandon Pruitt    Dexter , Ia  
6 15 64    Casey Greubel    Lacona , Ia  
7 5 50    Robert Stofer    Jefferson , Ia  
8 1 25J    Josh Daniels    Carlisle , Ia  
9 3 81    Devin Smith    Lake City, Ia  
10 13 98    Derrick Rohe    Audubon , Ia  
11 12 54    Robert Merkle    Des Moines, Ia  
12 6 3S    Bryan Snell    Coon Rapids, Ia  
13 16 22S    Alex Kading    Dexter , Ia  
14 14 33J    Joseph Luethje    Nevada , Ia  
15 9 22    Chris Pruitt    Stuart , Ia  
16 10 64B    Scott Bailey    Carlisle , Ia  

SportMods - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 9 3L    Clint Luellen    Minburn , Ia  
2 5 8    Dusty Masolini    Des Moines, Ia  
3 4 57    Lynn Brockett    Ogden , Ia  
4 1 42    Matt Hays    Stuart , Ia  
5 2 8R    Chase Rudolf    Prole , Ia  
6 10 30    Shawn Cooney    Des Moines, Ia  
7 8 0    Shawn Kralik    Creston , Ia  
8 11 34    Jerry Hinton    Adel , Ia  
9 3 99RE    Arie Schouten    Blair , Ne  
10 14 3    Kyle Tanner    Fontanelle , Ia  
11 16 93N    Colton Nelson    Osceola , Ia  
12 6 99K    Kody Havens    Wiota , Ia   DNF
13 15 57S    David Schwartz    Fontanelle , Ia   DNF
14 7 71    Jeremy Hodupp    Waukee , Ia   DNF
15 13 6M    Jason Mason    Melcher , Ia   DNF
16 12 23    Dusti Carlisle    Creston , Ia   DNF
17 17 99W    Hunter Weber    Council Bluffs, Ia   DNF

Hobby Stocks - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 2 3A    Austin Luellen    Minburn , Ia  
2 3 78    Shannon Anderson    Des Moines, Ia  
3 7 4W    John Watson    Des Moines, Ia  
4 8 27C    Cory Adams    Des Moines, Ia  
5 1 92    Buck Schafroth    Orient , Ia  
6 9 7B    Eric Stanton    Carlisle , Ia  
7 4 11B    Solomon Bennett    Perry , Ia  
8 13 7P    Jordan Peters    Des Moines, Ia  
9 14 T56    Tim Barber    Story City, Ia  
10 6 7M    Matt Tiernan    Stuart , Ia  
11 15 42T    Tyson Overton    Carlisle , Ia  
12 10 6    Bryan Keeney    Nevada , Ia  
13 12 224    Gina Greubel    Lacona , Ia  
14 17 X70    Wayne Purvis    Boone , Ia  
15 11 12    Korbin Nourse    Dexter , Ia  
16 5 5H    Andy Hick    Adel , Ia   DNF
17 16 12K    Steve Roberts    Ankeny , Ia   DNS

Spt Compact - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 2 75    Cory Flanigan    Storm Lake, Ia  
2 3 30X    Jacob Reiter    Des Moines, Ia  
3 1 411    Curtis Miller    Lewis , Ia  
4 5 18    Jacob Peters    Bondurant , Ia  
5 4 13K    Kevin Staack    Lincoln , Ne  
6 6 54    Randy Rush    Atlantic , Ia  
7 8 43H    Sabrina Killen    Des Moines, Ia  
8 7 7M    Jacob Mertz    Redfield , Ia  

Mod Lites - Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 1 89    Travis Stensland    Nevada , Ia
2 7 X50    Joel Huggins    Pleasant Hill, Ia
3 5 6    Mike Morrill    Altoona , Ia
4 9 99    Josh May    Desoto , Ia
5 4 64    Randy Bryan    Ames , Ia
6 15 5J    Jimmy May    Desoto , Ia
7 13 3G    Joe Glick    Des Moines, Ia
8 14 54N    Scott Naggatz    Carter Lake, Ia
9 6 88    Justin Rankin    Madrid , Ia
10 8 82    Charlie Brown    Nevada , Ia
11 11 4M    David Simpson    Ankeny , Ia
12 10 7    Erin Turner    Van Meter, Ia
13 12 17T    Tanner Gottman    Grimes , Ia
14 2 73T    Ted Jensen    Portsmouth , Ia
15 3 17    Cory Sauerman    Grimes , Ia