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Boeckman wins the 1st Annual John Wetzel Memorial

The Stuart Speedway hosted the 1st Annual John Wetzel Memorial for the IMCA Hobby Stocks on Sunday, June 21.  A big field of cars were on hand for a chance at the $1,000 to win main event.  In addition to the hobby stocks, the IMCA Sport Mods, Modifieds, Stock Cars and Sport Compacts, and the Dwarf Cars put on great shows for the fans.

Five heats of hobby stocks were run, with the top 3 advancing to the A Main.  Steve Jones of Nevada, Steve Clair of Des Moines, Kenny Hansen of Audubon, Andy Boeckman of Lake View and Shannon Anderson of Atlantic claimed their respective heats.  The remainder of the field then dueled it out in 3 B Mains, with the top 3 from each moving to the A to complete the 24-car field.  Those not advancing to the A competed in a 15-lap Non-Qualifier race, with Derrick Rohe of Audubon taking home the checkers.  Rounding out the top four was Derek Anderson of Wayne, NE, Larry Embrey of Granger, and Cory Adams of Urbandale.  The John Wetzel Memorial field then took to the track paced by the IMCA Hobby Stock that John Wetzel drove prior to his death.  As the green flag flew the drivers laid it all on the line for 20 laps of door to door competition.  Nyle Godwin of Redfield lead the early laps, but was unable to hold off Boeckman and Devin Smith of Lake City on the restart.  Boeckman was able to hold off Smith, Brandon Pruitt of Dexter, and Godwin to claim the $1,000 prize. 

Jason Day of Stuart picked up a very popular feature win in the IMCA Stock Cars.  Day, fueled by a grandstand full of cheering fans, jumped to a slim lead at the start.  Despite a couple of caution flags and a hard charging field, Day was able to hold off Mike Harris of Avoca, Marcus Fagan of Adair and Brian Blessington of Breda to take home the hardware.  Harris, and Day also claimed heat race wins.

IMCA Sport Mod action saw young Jake Strayer of Newton make his first visit to Stuart Speedway Victory Lane as he made a last lap pass of Michael Pruitt of Redfield for the win.  Joel Bushore of Boone, and last week’s feature winner, Andy Tiernan of Woodward rounded out the top four.  Paul Nagle of Nevada and Kevin Sather of Ankeny picked up heat race wins.

Veteran driver Rex Parkison of Earlham picked up a hard-earned feature win in the IMCA Modifieds.  Terry Pruitt of Dexter appeared to be on his way to victory until mechanical problems forced him to the pits at mid race.  That opened the door for Parkison, who held of a persistent Randy Havlik of Waukee for the win.  Josh Gilman of Earlham and Doug Keller of St. Joseph, MO rounded out the top four.  Pruitt and Gilman won their respective heats. 

Colton Nelson of Osceola returned to victory lane in the IMCA Sport Compact division, with Terry Romick of Exira, Willy Muhr of Exira and new-comer Kevin Staack of Lincoln, NE finishing second through fourth respectively.  Nelson and Muhr also claimed heat races. 

It was a father and son duel in the Father’s Day edition of the Dwarf Cars.  D. J. Robinson of Des Moines lead early on until a back-stretch spin forced him to the tail of the field.  Jimmy May then inherited the lead, with son Josh in pursuit.  As the May’s battled, Mike Morrill of Altoona was quietly sneaking his way through the field to third.  As the laps wound down, Morrill was able to overtake Josh for second.  He then made one last ditch effort in turn 4 on the final lap, passing Jimmy May at the line for the win.  Josh May came home third, with Dusty Masolini of Des Moines fourth.  Johnny Mordock of Creston and Morrill were the heat race winners.

Hobby Stocks - Wetzel Memorial  

1 62B    Andy Boeckman
2 81    Devin Smith
3 10B    Brandon Pruitt
4 11G    Nyle Godwin
5 17X    Kenny Hansen
6 97    Steve Clair
7 3L    Clinton Luellen
8 78    Shannon Anderson
9 11    Beau Kaplan
10 19    Steve Jones
11 93    Randy Anderson
12 21W    John Watson
13 75    Kurt Hansen
14 92    Michael Pruitt
15 83    Chris Hupp
16 10R    Brandon Ratcliff
17 51    Matt Webb
18 12    Steve Roberts
19 38    Austin Luellen
20 25M    Michael Murphy
21 12A    Rob Allison
22 78B    Andrew Burg
23 7B    Eric Stanton
24 83S    Scott Lograsso

Stock Cars - Feature

Car Driver
1 6D    Jason Day
2 83    Mike Harris
3 1F    Marcus Fagan
4 92b    Brian Blessington
5 56    Ron Godwin
6 26K    Butch Bass
7 55    Cory Bushnell
8 11    Steve Campbell
9 3S    Bryan Snell
10 3w    Jeff Wollam
11 23H    Rick Houseman
12 19B    Tim Bengard
13 27    Gary Bass
14 66    Jeff Joldersma
15 10K    Keith Knop
16 711    Michael Walrod
17 32t    Tim Feltner
18 22X    Josh Brauckman
19 7X    Ryan Lundy
20 23A    Jeremy Gettler
21 10X    John Wilson
22 25J    Josh Daniels

SportMods - Feature

Finish Car Driver
1 18J    Jake Strayer
2 92    Michael Pruitt
3 87    Joel Bushore
4 321    Andy Tiernan
5 56    Jamie Schirm
6 2    Bill Wears
7 2z    Zack Rawlins
8 5D    Brent Daringen
9 74    Justin Asher
10 3    Kevin Sather
11 48    Kyle Harpster
12 14Z    Jake Zuercher
13 05    Paul Nagle
14 08    Roger Harpster
15 4W    John Watson
16 20W    Shay Woods

Modifieds - Feature

Finish Car Driver
1 31R    Rex Parkison
2 3z    Randy Havlik
3 83G    Josh Gilman
4 7    Doug Keller
5 15A    Carl Allbee
6 14    Ron Bash
7 73    Truman Asher
8 131S    Ed Seibert
9 12    Stacy Warren
10 14B    Scott Bash
11 78X    Terry Pruitt

Spt Compact - Feature

Finish Car Driver
1 93N    Colton Nelson
2 5R    Terry Romick
3 84    Willy Muhr
4 10ST    Kevin Staack
5 7    Devan Stuve
6 95N    Garrett Nelson
7 23X    Dustin Poldberg
8 95X    Brandon Claussen

Dwarf Cars - Feature

Finish Car Driver
1 6    Mike Morrill
2 88    Jimmy May
3 99    Josh May
4 8M    Dusty Masolini
5 15    Allen Govig
6 17    Johnny Mordock
7 33R    D.j. Robinson
8 7    Shane Hunter