Dirt Duel Champions Shine at Stuart

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (May 16) – The Dynamic Drivelines Dirt Duel brought out some heavy hitters at Karl Chevrolet of Stuart International Speedway! Feature winners for the night were Brayton Carter, Dallon Murty, Ben Kraus, Tom Berry, Shawn Cooney and Brandon Cox.

IMCA Northern SportMods were the first ones on the track with Josh Sink and Dusty Masolini on the front row. Sink led the first lap with Masolini getting out front for the next 6. Logan Anderson moved past Masolini to lead the next 6 circuits before the yellow flag flew, bringing Masolini and Brayton Carter to the leader’s back bumper. Anderson would lead through a couple more cautions, and when the green flew again it was Anderson and Cam Reimers battling it out for second as Carter jumped into the top spot. One last yellow on lap 20 gave the crowd a 2 lap shootout to finish it and Carter was up to the task in taking the win. Anderson settled for second with Reimers third, Sink fourth and Masolini fifth.

Elijah Zevenbergen and Miciah Hidlebaugh brought the IMCA Stock Cars out next with Hidlebaugh racing inches from the wall to lead the first 9 laps before the caution flag flew. When the green came back out it was a familiar face, Dallon Murty, sliding by Hidlebaugh and looking to run away from the field. Lap 15 saw Matthew Lance go for a wild barrel roll down the backstretch, bringing out the red flag. Thankfully Lance was ok, and this would set up a 7 lap dash to the checkered flag. Zevenbergen worked his way to second, but that was as close as anyone would get as Murty cruised to the win. Zevenbergen finished second with Hidlebaugh third, Jeff Mueller fourth and Buck Schafroth fifth.

Outlaw Mini Mods were up next with Ben Kraus and Gale Worthington leading the field to the green flag. Once they got going it was Kraus leading from start to finish to pick up the win. Kamdyn Haggard finished second with Bobby Daniels third, Lucas Daniels fourth and Garrett Seals fifth.

Nick Roberts and Tim Ward led the IMCA Modifieds into turn 1 and it was Roberts taking control early. Fourth starting Tom Berry charged into the lead on lap four and never looked back as he drove off and left the field to take the win. Ward finished a distant second with Todd Shute third, Josh Gilman fourth and Dallon Murty fifth.

Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks made their first appearance at Stuart in 2022 with Shonn Mapes and Jeff Johnson on the front row. Third starting Shawn Cooney used the bottom side to slide by the front row to take the lead on lap one. Mapes held strong in second but Cooney was never seriously challenged as he went on to take the win. Mapes finished second with Rod Richards third, Johnson fourth and Bill Davis fifth.

Travis Fenton and Dylan Nelson led the IMCA Hobby Stocks out for the nightcap with Nelson moving out to a healthy lead early. John Watson and Brandon Cox came calling by lap 13 and it was shaping up to be a great race to finish the night! Cox moved inside of Nelson on lap fifteen and after some contact between the leaders it was Cox positioning himself to take the win. Nelson drove up beside the leader and even took the lead on lap 17, but the preferred line was on the bottom and it was Cox going on to take the big win. Nelson finished second with Watson third, Seth Butler fourth and Eric Stanton fifth.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our third event of the year. Sunday, May 22 will see the SLMR Late Models in attendance along with IMCA Stock Cars, Northern SportMods, Hobby Stocks, Sport Compacts, Outlaw Mini Mods and Micro Sprints. See you then!


IMCA Modifieds

VIP Contractors Karl Chevrolet of Stuart A Feature 1 (22 Laps): 1. 11X-Tom Berry Jr[4]; 2. 4TW-Tim Ward[2]; 3. 5-Todd Shute[3]; 4. 83G-Josh Gilman[5]; 5. 99X-Dallon Murty[7]; 6. 23JR-Nick Roberts[1]; 7. 08-Dakota Sproul[10]; 8. 82-Jake McBirnie[13]; 9. 01-Jacob Hobscheidt[11]; 10. 26J-Joel Rust[6]; 11. 8R-Chase Rudolf[9]; 12. 48J-Jacob Murray[8]; 13. 17-Cory Sauerman[14]; 14. 99B-Martin Bennett[17]; 15. 14B-Scott Bash[12]; 16. 33-Nicholas Carpenter[16]; 17. (DNF) 37-Randy Foote[15]


VIP Contractors Karl Chevrolet of Stuart Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11X-Tom Berry Jr[3]; 2. 5-Todd Shute[1]; 3. 83G-Josh Gilman[5]; 4. 26J-Joel Rust[7]; 5. 99X-Dallon Murty[4]; 6. 01-Jacob Hobscheidt[8]; 7. 82-Jake McBirnie[9]; 8. 37-Randy Foote[2]; 9. 99B-Martin Bennett[6]


VIP Contractors Karl Chevrolet of Stuart Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 8R-Chase Rudolf[2]; 2. 4TW-Tim Ward[4]; 3. 23JR-Nick Roberts[6]; 4. 48J-Jacob Murray[3]; 5. 08-Dakota Sproul[5]; 6. 14B-Scott Bash[1]; 7. 17-Cory Sauerman[8]; 8. 33-Nicholas Carpenter[7]


IMCA Stock Cars

Affordable Quality Roofing Exteriors A Feature 1 (22 Laps): 1. 99X-Dallon Murty[4]; 2. 66Z-Elijah Zevenbergen[1]; 3. 72H-Miciah Hidlebaugh[2]; 4. 77M-Jeff Mueller[11]; 5. 92-Buck Schafroth[10]; 6. 69-Johnathon Logue[3]; 7. 01-Troy Jerovetz[8]; 8. 25J-Josh Daniels[20]; 9. 5K-Keith Simmons[13]; 10. 10B-Brandon Pruitt[7]; 11. 3H-Ty Hill[6]; 12. $-Cody Center[16]; 13. 7C-Chad Legere[12]; 14. 8-Austin Meiners[15]; 15. 3S-Bryan Snell[18]; 16. 57VG-Rowdee Van Genderen[21]; 17. 81D-Scott Davis[23]; 18. 71-Corey Piffer[14]; 19. (DNF) 85J-Zac Johnson[22]; 20. (DNF) 11X-Tom Berry Jr[5]; 21. (DNF) 12X-Matthew Lance[17]; 22. (DNF) 20-Jeremy Gettler[9]; 23. (DNF) 56-Lonnie Hodges[19]


Affordable Quality Roofing Exteriors Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 7C-Chad Legere[2]; 2. 10B-Brandon Pruitt[3]; 3. 72H-Miciah Hidlebaugh[4]; 4. 3H-Ty Hill[5]; 5. 5K-Keith Simmons[1]; 6. $-Cody Center[6]; 7. 56-Lonnie Hodges[8]; 8. 85J-Zac Johnson[7]


Affordable Quality Roofing Exteriors Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 77M-Jeff Mueller[4]; 2. 11X-Tom Berry Jr[3]; 3. 66Z-Elijah Zevenbergen[6]; 4. 69-Johnathon Logue[7]; 5. 71-Corey Piffer[1]; 6. 12X-Matthew Lance[2]; 7. 25J-Josh Daniels[8]; 8. 81D-Scott Davis[5]


Affordable Quality Roofing Exteriors Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 99X-Dallon Murty[6]; 2. 92-Buck Schafroth[3]; 3. 01-Troy Jerovetz[5]; 4. 20-Jeremy Gettler[4]; 5. 8-Austin Meiners[2]; 6. 3S-Bryan Snell[7]; 7. 57VG-Rowdee Van Genderen[1]

IMCA Northern SportMods

Karl PreOwned A Feature 1 (22 Laps): 1. 01-Brayton Carter[12]; 2. 53-Logan Anderson[6]; 3. 21-Cam Reimers[9]; 4. 5-Josh Sink[1]; 5. 8-Dusty Masolini[2]; 6. 5T-Tyler Inman[3]; 7. 211-Tim Eaton[8]; 8. 11-Izac Mallicoat[11]; 9. 76-Lance Borgman[10]; 10. 16J-Justin Svoboda[13]; 11. 26M-Mitchell Morris[17]; 12. 34N-Thomas Nelson[18]; 13. 68+1-Blain Petersen[15]; 14. 20X-Cody Yaw[7]; 15. 72-Joey Young[19]; 16. (DNF) 11R-Braden Richards[5]; 17. (DNF) 26-Mike Dullard[20]; 18. (DNF) 29V-Brett Vanderheiden[4]; 19. (DNF) 32S-Blair Simmons[16]; 20. (DNF) 24-Marshall Cramer[21]; 21. (DNF) 28-Nic Runyan[14]


Karl PreOwned Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 11R-Braden Richards[4]; 2. 21-Cam Reimers[6]; 3. 01-Brayton Carter[5]; 4. 20X-Cody Yaw[1]; 5. 16J-Justin Svoboda[7]; 6. 32S-Blair Simmons[2]; 7. (DNF) 72-Joey Young[3]


Karl PreOwned Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 11-Izac Mallicoat[4]; 2. 5-Josh Sink[2]; 3. 5T-Tyler Inman[6]; 4. 76-Lance Borgman[3]; 5. 28-Nic Runyan[1]; 6. 26M-Mitchell Morris[7]; 7. 26-Mike Dullard[5]


Karl PreOwned Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 53-Logan Anderson[3]; 2. 211-Tim Eaton[1]; 3. 8-Dusty Masolini[2]; 4. 29V-Brett Vanderheiden[7]; 5. 68+1-Blain Petersen[5]; 6. 34N-Thomas Nelson[6]; 7. 24-Marshall Cramer[4]


IMCA Hobby Stocks

Ricks Towing A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 66-Brandon Cox[3]; 2. 13N-Dylan Nelson[2]; 3. 4W-John Watson[5]; 4. 22B-Seth Butler[10]; 5. 7B-Eric Stanton[11]; 6. 96-Skylar Pruitt[6]; 7. 20A-Steven Crees[16]; 8. 17-Luke Ramsey[21]; 9. 11B-Solomon Bennett[12]; 10. 4C-Curt Reed[14]; 11. 1K-Tom Killen Jr[17]; 12. 84B-Rusty Bates[4]; 13. 22-Tanner Dixon[7]; 14. 10-Travis Fenton[1]; 15. 16-Buddy Haidsiak[23]; 16. 64L-Tommy Luft[19]; 17. 2L-Leonard Loftus[20]; 18. 33M-Blake McCann[15]; 19. 79-Charles Belew[22]; 20. 32-Ethan Atcheson[8]; 21. (DNF) 32E-Mike Eddinger[9]; 22. (DNF) 79RC-Riley Christensen[13]; 23. (DNF) 01-Christian Cook[18]; 24. (DNF) 15-Jake Spaulding[24]


Ricks Towing Heat 1 (7 Laps): 1. 7B-Eric Stanton[2]; 2. 11B-Solomon Bennett[1]; 3. 32E-Mike Eddinger[5]; 4. 10-Travis Fenton[7]; 5. 79RC-Riley Christensen[4]; 6. 20A-Steven Crees[3]; 7. 64L-Tommy Luft[8]; 8. 79-Charles Belew[6]


Ricks Towing Heat 2 (7 Laps): 1. 13N-Dylan Nelson[3]; 2. 84B-Rusty Bates[2]; 3. 32-Ethan Atcheson[1]; 4. 96-Skylar Pruitt[7]; 5. 4C-Curt Reed[6]; 6. 1K-Tom Killen Jr[4]; 7. 2L-Leonard Loftus[8]; 8. 16-Buddy Haidsiak[5]


Ricks Towing Heat 3 (7 Laps): 1. 4W-John Watson[3]; 2. 66-Brandon Cox[4]; 3. 22B-Seth Butler[2]; 4. 22-Tanner Dixon[5]; 5. 33M-Blake McCann[6]; 6. 01-Christian Cook[7]; 7. (DNF) 17-Luke Ramsey[1]; 8. (DNF) 15-Jake Spaulding[8]



Outlaw Mini Mods

A Feature 1 (15 Laps): 1. 9-Ben Kraus[1]; 2. 95-Kamdyn Haggard[7]; 3. 25B-Bobby Daniels[8]; 4. 25L-Lucas Daniels[12]; 5. 5X-Garrett Seals[14]; 6. 13X-Glenn Orr[10]; 7. Z83-Zackary Schaefer[13]; 8. 69K-Kaden Rice[11]; 9. 01-Zoey Yaw[17]; 10. 25C-Chase Daniels[5]; 11. 85-Chris Trulson[19]; 12. 33W-Gale Worthington[2]; 13. (DNF) 10R-Rick Ritchie[9]; 14. (DNF) 99X-Nate Olmstead[6]; 15. (DNF) 5M-Megan Daniels[15]; 16. (DNF) 4-Gage Hilgenberg[4]; 17. (DNF) 17J-Justin Winkler[3]; 18. (DNF) 33-Jayden West[16]; 19. (DNF) 007-Brett Orr[20]; 20. (DNS) 8-TJ Findlow


Heat 1 (5 Laps): 1. 9-Ben Kraus[6]; 2. 69K-Kaden Rice[1]; 3. 17J-Justin Winkler[2]; 4. 33W-Gale Worthington[5]; 5. Z83-Zackary Schaefer[7]; 6. 33-Jayden West[3]; 7. (DNS) 85-Chris Trulson


Heat 2 (5 Laps): 1. 4-Gage Hilgenberg[6]; 2. 95-Kamdyn Haggard[3]; 3. 10R-Rick Ritchie[1]; 4. 25C-Chase Daniels[2]; 5. 5X-Garrett Seals[4]; 6. 01-Zoey Yaw[5]; 7. (DNS) 007-Brett Orr


Heat 3 (5 Laps): 1. 25L-Lucas Daniels[3]; 2. 25B-Bobby Daniels[4]; 3. 13X-Glenn Orr[6]; 4. 99X-Nate Olmstead[5]; 5. 5M-Megan Daniels[1]; 6. 8-TJ Findlow[2]



Karl Chevrolet Dirt Trucks

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 30-Shawn Cooney[3]; 2. 79-Shonn Mapes[1]; 3. 17R-Rod Richards[4]; 4. 9-Jeff Johnson[2]; 5. 10G-Bill Davis Jr[5]; 6. 57-Dennis Plain[9]; 7. 40-Lucas Richardson[8]; 8. 7X-Rick Clark[6]; 9. 16-Justin Schroeder[7]; 10. 2-Del Enos[11]; 11. 43-Shaun Clinger[10]


Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 30-Shawn Cooney[3]; 2. 9-Jeff Johnson[6]; 3. 7X-Rick Clark[5]; 4. 16-Justin Schroeder[1]; 5. 57-Dennis Plain[4]; 6. 2-Del Enos[2]


Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 10G-Bill Davis Jr[4]; 2. 17R-Rod Richards[5]; 3. 79-Shonn Mapes[2]; 4. 40-Lucas Richardson[1]; 5. 43-Shaun Clinger[3]



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