Stuart Speedway Driver Appreciation Program - Weekly Races Move to Wednesday

The Stuart Speedway is excited to announce over $100,000 of product can be won at the Stuart Speedway in 2019. Karl Chevrolet Stuart, Harris Auto Racing, and Stuart Speedway have teamed up to give a racer in each of the 4 classes of IMCA Modifeds, Sport Mods, Stock Cars, and Hobby Stocks a free chassis for 2020. Stuart Speedway Driver Appreciation Program will make every driver with perfect attendance during the 2019 season eligible to win a free chassis at the banquet. Four Harris Auto Racing Chassis will be on display during the 2019 banquet and 4 lucky drivers will go home with a new chassis. The drivers that don’t win the chassis will all receive a 50% off certificate for a Harris Chassis in their respective class. If 10 drivers in each class have perfect attendance we will be giving away over $106,000. If we have 15 drivers eligible it will around $150,000.


We will be moving our weekly IMCA program to Wednesday nights so everyone can take advantage of this program. We encourage our drivers to race other tracks during the weekend or just have time with their families. Our goal was to sponsor racers who race our track and we felt allowing them to have a new car in 2020 or one at half price was the best way we could do that. Moving to Wednesday will allow any driver in central Iowa to come to Stuart and enjoy our great facility and have a weekly IMCA track available to them during the week. We will start hot laps at 7 and our goal is to be done by 9 to 9:30 so drivers and fans can get home at a decent time.


Race Stuart Speedway on Wednesday nights during the 2019 season and have a brand new car for 2020. Every driver with perfect attendance will get 2 pills and any driver missing only 1 night will get 1 pill to be placed in the drawing. All drivers who got a pill and don’t win the drawing will receive a 50% off coupon. We appreciate Harris Auto Racing and Karl Chevrolet Stuart for making this happen. Let’s make Stuart even greater in 2019.

We will also be racing IMCA Sport Compacts and cruisers weekly



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