The 2009 track championships were decided at the Stuart Speedway on Sunday, September 6. 
Kevin Sather of Ankeny locked up his second consecutive track championsip in the IMCA Sport Mods as he picked up the feature win over Mike Pruitt of Redfield.  Sather took the lead at the green and never looked back to pick up yet another win.  Mike Pruitt of Redfield completed his first full season in the Sport Mods with a nice 2nd place finish in points, and Kent Croskey of Polk City captured third. 
There was no brotherly love between Garrett Nelson and Colton Nelson of Osceola in the IMCA Sport Compacts.  While Colton was holding off charges from Devan Stuve of Des Moines, brother Garrett was sitting in third waiting to pounce.  As Colton and Stuve battled door to door out of turn 2, Garrett dove low and motored past them for the lead.  At the checkers it was Garrett with the win, Colton second and Stuve third.  While Colton may have lost the race to his brother, he was able to capture the track championship.
The IMCA Modifieds saw point leader Randy Havlik of Waukee sporting a new "Randy Bobby" paint scheme.  As the field took the green, Josh Gilman of Earlham jumped to the lead.  Gilman chose the high groove as Havlik chased him on the bottom.  Havlik slowly chiseled away at Gilman's lead and was able to overcome him on lap 5.  Havlik stayed true to the bottom groove as Gilman did everything in his power to catch him.  But, it was to no avail as Havlik took the checkers and solidified his 2009 track championship.
Point leader Tim Bengard of Exira paced the field for the start of the IMCA Stock Car season championship.  But, Brian Blessington of Breda looked strong as he and Bengard battled door to door for the first nine laps.  Blessington stole the lead from Bengard on lap 10 and cruised to his second feature win as many weeks.  Bengard's second place run guaranteed him the track championship. 
It was a father and son point battle in the Dwarf Car division. Josh May of DeSoto held a slim point lead over dad Jimmy May going into the final points race of the season.  Josh took the lead at the green with Johnny Mordock of Creston running second.  As Josh and Mordock battled, first-time visitor Dustin Forsberg of Bel Aire, Kansas was slicing his way through the field to third.  Forsberg continued his march to the front, taking the lead from Josh on lap 5.  Forsberg made the most of his long drive from the Wichita, Kansas area to Stuart as he won convincingly over Josh.  Josh' second place finish was enough to guarantee him the track championship.   
Shannon Anderson of Atlantic continued his domination of the IMCA Hobby Stocks as he once again visited victory lane. Eric Stanton of Hartford challenged Anderson early on, but as the checkers flew it was Anderson picking up his 41st feature win of the 2009 season and the track championship.  Stanton came home second, Andrew Burg third, and Matt Webb of Des Moines put a nice run together for fourth.   
Hobby Stocks - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 78    Shannon Anderson
2 2 7B    Eric Stanton
3 4 78B    Andrew Burg
4 5 51    Matt Webb
5 6 3    Patrick Pellman
6 12 20    Curt Ganoe
7 9 59G    Joey Gyles
8 8 17    Nathan Lange
9 10 93    Randy Anderson
10 11 B00K    Dylan Book
11 13 67X    Andy Mahlstedt
12 7 79    Charles Belew
13 3 11G    Nyle Godwin
14 14 2    Eli Boyd
15 15 72    Matt Mcatee

Stock Cars - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 2 92b    Brian Blessington
2 1 19B    Tim Bengard
3 3 55    Cory Bushnell
4 4 11    Steve Campbell
5 6 32t    Tim Feltner
6 7 23H    Rick Houseman
7 11 42B    Jon Byriel
8 10 81B    Dave Baugh
9 9 6    Jay Cain
10 8 23T    Travis Houseman
11 5 1F    Marcus Fagan

SportMods - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 3    Kevin Sather
2 2 92    Michael Pruitt
3 5 18J    Jake Strayer
4 3 12C    Kent Croskey
5 4 2    Bill Wears
6 6 31J    Josh Gordon

Modifieds - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 3z    Randy Havlik
2 2 83G    Josh Gilman
3 3 31R    Rex Parkison
4 8 24r    Regan Tafoya
5 4 14B    Scott Bash
6 7 15A    Carl Allbee
7 5 131S    Ed Seibert
8 6 14    Ron Bash

Spt Compact - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 3 95N    Garrett Nelson
2 1 93N    Colton Nelson
3 2 7    Devan Stuve
4 4 31    Blake Barrett
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Dwarf Cars - Feature

Finish Start Car Driver
1 8 5G    Dustin Forsberg
2 1 99    Josh May
3 2 88    Jimmy May
4 3 17    Johnny Mordock
5 7 0B    Colby Oberembt
6 5 33R    D.j. Robinson
7 9 115    Tyler Bradshaw
8 4 15    Allen Govig
9 6 19H    Dan Henning