Track Champions Crowned
     Stuart, IA (September 5) - With lightning in the sky and thunder on the track, Stuart Speedway finished off its 2010 racing season by naming the overall points champions in six classes. Josh Gilman in the IMCA Modifieds, Brian Blessington in the IMCA Stock Cars, Clinton Luellen in the IMCA Northern Sportmods, John Watson in the IMCA Hobby Stocks, Garrett Nelson in the IMCA Sport Compacts and Taylor Musselman in the 6 Cylinder FWD are the track titlists for the year. Race winners for the evening were Gilman, Blessington, Mike Pruitt, Brandon Pruitt and Cory Flanigan doubled up in both FWD races.
     Up first for the night were the IMCA Stock Cars. With all classes lining up by points, Brian Blessington and Kenny Hansen led the field to racing. Blessington proceeded to run a flawless race, leading all twenty laps to take home his third win of the season. Following Blessington to the stripe was Hansen, Tim Feltner, Marcus Fagan and Dave Baugh. Blessington ended the year with a fourteen point advantage over Hansen to record the twenty-fourth track title in his remarkable career. Anyone will tell you that Brian is one of the cleanest drivers there is, and considering he had 176 wins at the start of the year, he is not only one of the best Stock Car drivers in the state of Iowa, but the nation as well! Congratulations on a great season Brian!
     IMCA Northern Sportmods took to the track next with Clinton Luellen and Jeremy Embrey on the front row. The two would battle back and forth with Luellen leading the first lap, Embrey lap two, and Luellen settling in for the next four laps. That's when Mike Pruitt, who had found a faster line on the top side, took over the race and led the last nine laps to snag his second win of the year. Luellen came home second followed by David Schlicht, Nick Roberts and Ty Luellen. C. Luellen ended the year with a twenty-three point advantage over Embrey to pick up his first-ever track title. Luellen was the model of consistency with two wins, fourteen top-fives and no DNF's for the entire season. For just his first full year in the Sportmod class, Luellen definitely showed he has what it takes to compete. Congratulations on your first title Clinton!
     Next up were the IMCA Modifieds with Josh Gilman and Rex Parkison pacing the field. Parkison led the first lap, but Gilman had the stronger car and took over Parkison and the rest of the field, leading the last nineteen laps in picking up his third win of the season. Randy Havlik got by Parkison early on for second, but had nothing for Gilman and had to settle for runner-up. Rounding out the top five was Parkison, Alison Quick and New Mexico driver Tyrone Yazzie. Yazzie and Regan Tafoya were on their way to the IMCA Supernationals in Boone and stopped in for some Sunday night racing. Gilman ended the year with a ten point lead over Parkison, and matched Luellen's consistency with fourteen top-fives to pick up his fourth track title at the speedway. Congratulations on your track title Josh!
     As the IMCA Hobby Stocks pulled on the track, John Watson secured his track title just by starting the race. Watson and Brandon Pruitt made up the front row and Pruitt took command of the race from the start. Pruitt would go on to lead all fifteen laps in picking up his third win of the year. Nyle Godwin passed Watson on lap three and went to work trying to catch Pruitt, but had to settle for second. Watson brought home a third place finish to go along with his championship followed by Richard Yaw II and Curt Ganoe. Watson won the title by thirty-five points over Pruitt. Watson has been racing for twenty-plus years and never had a track championship until this year when he picked up two! Watson also won the title at the Iowa State Fairgrounds Speedway. Congratulations on both titles this year John!
     IMCA Sport Compacts were next on the clay oval with Garrett Nelson and Cory Flanigan taking the green flag first. Flanigan went on to lead the race from start to finish to pick up his second win of the year. Bryan Smith and Nelson rounded out the top three. Nelson ended up with a ninety-three point advantage over David Archibald to pick up his first track title. Congratulations Garrett!
     The final regular race for the night was the 6 Cylinder FWD's with Taylor Musselman and Tim Ratcliff on the front row. Musselman lead the first two laps when Cory Flanigan in his IMCA Sport Compact took over the race. Flanigan went on to lead the last eight laps to take home his first feature win in the division. Another IMCA Sport Compact, Bryan Smith, finished in the runner-up position with Ratcliff, Musselman and Lukas Onstot rounding out the top five. Musselman finished out the year with an eighty-four point lead over Ratcliff. Congratulations Taylor!
     Once the regular racing was done for the night, the Stock Cars ran a special gambler's race. Stuart Speedway Promoter, Chuck Vanderheiden, put in $100 and Hawkeye Auto Salvage owner, Michael Walrod, put in $50 for this special race. The only qualification to get in was to pay $10 and draw a chip out of a hat for your starting spot. The finish of the race would pay the winner 50%, second 30% and third 20%. Norm Belew and Tim Bengard set the pace from the front row for the fifteen lap race with Bengard leading the first six laps. Tim Feltner then took over until lap thirteen, and that's when the real show began. Brian Blessington passed Feltner and would then get passed by Feltner in turn three with Blessington crossing over Feltner coming out of four. The last two laps were almost the same, and when the cars came out of turn four on the last lap it was anyone's race. Blessington would take the winner's share by a bumper over Feltner, with most of the crowd not knowing who won! It was a great race to end the season on, to say the least!
     On behalf of Chuck, Anne and all of the staff at Stuart Speedway, I'd like to thank any and all of you that supported us through the year. The track would not succeed without all of the drivers and fans, and we hope to see all of you at the banquet, time and place TBD. Thanks for making the year a success!
     The reason for this story coming out a week late is the fact that I work at the week-long IMCA Supernationals in Boone so I thought I would add in some results on our Stuart drivers for the week. I will try to include any cars who raced at Stuart this season, but if I miss anyone I apologize.
     IMCA Hobby Stocks
     Shannon Anderson looked to set himself up for a repeat performance from one year ago by winning the second qualifying feature Monday night, putting himself on the front row for Saturday nights A-feature. He was closely followed by Stuart's track champ for 2010, John Watson, Michael Murphy, Randy Embrey, Richard Yaw II in sixth, and Brandon Pruitt in seventh. Danny Watson put himself in the big show on Tuesday night with an eighth place finish.
     Also, qualifying for the Arnold Motor Supply Hobby Stock Race of Champions was held on Tuesday with John Watson, Shannon Anderson, Randy Embrey, Brandon Pruitt and Michael Murphy qualifying for the ten car race. To set the field for this race, a card game is played with the high-card taking the pole position. Brandon Pruitt drew the ace of spades, putting him on the pole, and when the race started Brandon never looked back in winning the Race of Champions feature. Pruitt took home $800 in race winnings and lap money, plus contingencies and the fact that he'll be able to attempt to qualify for this race for the rest of his career! Embrey finished third, Anderson fourth, Watson fifth and Murphy tenth.
     After the dust settled following the Hobby Stock dance on Saturday night, John Watson finished a strong fourth, Michael Murphy fifth, Danny Watson twenty-first, Richard Yaw II twenty-third, Shannon Anderson twenty-seventh, Brandon Pruitt twenty-ninth and Randy Embrey thirtieth.
     IMCA Northern Sportmods
     Clinton Luellen and Mike Pruitt were the cars who qualified for the big dance with Luellen getting in with a sixth place finish in the qualifier on Monday and Pruitt finishing seventh in Tuesday's first qualifier. Luellen and Dylan Book qualified for the Arnold Motor Supply Northern Sportmod Race of Champions. Luellen finished fifth and Book tenth.
     In the big A-feature on Saturday, Luellen finished eleventh and Pruitt, the defending Supernationals king, finished in twenty-fifth after a blown engine. It's also worth noting that Luellen has attempted to qualify for the big show twice and made it both times.
     IMCA Stock Cars
     Marcus Fagan and Kenny Hansen finished sixth and eighth, respectively, in Thursday nights qualifier and Josh Daniels finished third in Friday nights qualifier to put all three in the big dance for the first time. Fagan finished in a very respectable fourth with Daniels in twelfth and Hansen twenty-ninth.
     IMCA Modifieds
     Jimmy Gustin won the qualifying race on Thursday night to put him on the front row for the big dance. Nick Deal finished in eighth to put him in as well and Todd Shute placed sixth in Friday's qualifier. Gustin also qualified for the Harris Auto Racing Modified Race of Champions. He would finish in fourth place in that race and set the stage for the biggest win in his career. Gustin ran from fifth to eighth place throughout the first three-quarters of the race. Following the only caution of the race Gustin put on a show, racing to the lead and stretching it to about a straightaway to take the double checkers. Shute had a great showing, starting eighteenth and finishing third and Deal started twenty-third and finished fifth.
     All in all, the drivers put on a very well-rounded show in Boone, as they did all year in Stuart. Every one of you should be proud of your performance. You did Stuart proud!


Hobby Stocks - Feature   

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 2 10B    Brandon Pruitt    Dexter , Ia 40.00
2 3 11G    Nyle Godwin    Redfield , Ia 39.00
3 1 4W    John Watson    Des Moines, Ia 38.00
4 4 20t    Richard Yaw Ii    Pleasant Hill, Ia 37.00
5 5 20    Curt Ganoe    Stuart , Ia 36.00
6 9 3A    Austin Luellen    Minburn , Ia 35.00
7 6 17    Nathan Lange    Menlo , Ia 34.00
8 10 67    Ed Mahlstedt    Bagley , Ia 33.00
9 7 33    Nick Ginkens    Stuart , Ia 32.00
10 11 12    Steve Amos    Earlham , Ia 31.00
11 12 3    Mike Hansen    Atlantic , Ia 30.00
12 13 88    Chad Waddell    Redfield , Ia 29.00
13 8 66    Andy Mahlstedt    Bagley , Ia 28.00
Stock Cars - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 1 92b    Brian Blessington    Breda , Ia 40.00
2 2 17    Kenny Hansen    Audubon , Ia 39.00
3 5 32t    Tim Feltner    Earlham , Ia 38.00
4 3 1F    Marcus Fagan    Adair , Ia 37.00
5 12 81B    Dave Baugh    Jefferson , Ia 36.00
6 8 19B    Tim Bengard    Exira , Ia 35.00
7 11 90    Andy Miller    Carson , Ia 34.00
8 6 711    Michael Walrod    Desoto , Ia 33.00
9 10 76    Norman Belew    Granger , Ia 32.00
10 9 48    Kevin Godwin    Earlham , Ia 31.00
11 13 2L    Jon Lang    Des Moines, Ia 30.00
12 4 11    Steve Campbell    Des Moines, Ia 29.00
13 7 23A    Jeremy Gettler    Adair , Ia 28.00
SportMods - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 3 92    Michael Pruitt    Redfield , Ia 38.00
2 1 3L    Clinton Luellen    Minburn , Ia 37.00
3 4 19    David Schlicht    Adel , Ia 36.00
4 5 23JR    Nick Roberts    Des Moines, Ia 35.00
5 8 32L    Ty Luellen    Minburn , Ia 34.00
6 6 56    Jamie Schirm    Dexter , Ia 33.00
7 2 41    Jeremy Embrey    Granger , Ia 32.00
8 7 46    Trevor Oberholtz    Adair , Ia 31.00
Modifieds - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 1 83G    Josh Gilman    Earlham , Ia 40.00
2 3 3z    Randy Havlik    Madrid , Ia 39.00
3 2 31R    Rex Parkison    Earlham , Ia 38.00
4 7 37    Alison Quick    Redding , Ia 37.00
5 11 110    Tyrone Yazzie    Farmington , Nm 36.00
6 6 12C    Kent Croskey    Polk City, Ia 35.00
7 8 51    Tyler Vandekamp    Ankeny , Ia 34.00
8 10 24r    Regan Tafoya     , Nm 33.00
9 9 20    Mike Mccarthy    Round Rock, Tx 32.00
10 4 14B    Scott Bash    W Des, Ia 31.00
11 5 131S    Ed Seibert    Dexter , Ia 30.00
12 12 4    Tony Hilgenberg    Waukee , Ia 29.00
Spt Compact - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 2 75    Cory Flanigan    Storm Lake, Ia 34.00
2 1 55    Bryan Smith    Council Bluffs, Ia 33.00
3 3 95N    Garrett Nelson    Osceola , Ia 32.00
4 4 13    Michael Hill    Jefferson , Ia 31.00
6 cyl. FWD - Feature  

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points
1 4 75    Cory Flanigan    Storm Lake, Ia 36.00
2 6 55    Bryan Smith    Council Bluffs, Ia 35.00
3 2 98R    Tim Ratcliff    Chariton , Ia 34.00
4 1 13T    Taylor Musselman    Norwalk , Ia 33.00
5 5 67    Lukas Onstot    Norwalk , Ia 32.00
6 3 18    Jacob Peters    Des Moines, Ia 31.00