Dennis Wins Ron Little Memorial

Story by Josh Reynolds

Stuart, IA (September 22) – A beautiful and cool evening led to some awesome racing to close the 2018 season at Stuart Speedway! Devin Jones, Dusty Masolini, Mike Nichols, Eric Stanton and Jesse Dennis were the big winners at the Ron Little Memorial.

After 118 cars overflowed the pits, eighteen heat races and one B-Feature ran the IMCA Sport Compacts came to the track with Denny Berghahn and Cody Cleghorn on the front row. Berghahn held the early advantage over John Gill and Cleghorn with eighth-starting Devin Jones getting to third on lap four. Jones continued his drive to the front a lap later as he made it into second place and set out to track down Berghahn. It would take him a while, but lap thirteen saw Jones overtake Berghahn with Curtis Miller hot on his heels. A scary barrel roll from Dean Richards in turn two brought the field to a stop on lap fourteen. Richards was ok but his night was over. Once the cars fired back up it was Jones leading the rest of the way to pick up the win. Miller finished in second with Berghahn third, Gill fourth and Luke Benischek fifth. Miller, Benischek, Berghahn and Cody Vandusen were the heat race winners.

IMCA Northern SportMods came out next with Dusty Masolini and Nick Hankins leading the field to green. Masolini led the first three laps with Hankins moving by on lap four to take over the top spot. Masolini, Chase Rudolf and Austin Luellen put on a spirited battle for second, but it was Hankins leading the rest of the way to the checkered flag. Post-race tech, however, proved too much for Hankins as he was disqualified for an illegal part in his rear end gear. That handed the victory to Masolini with Rudolf finishing second, Luellen third, Garrett Nelson fourth and Cody Olsen fifth. Nelson, Rudolf and Johnathon Logue were the heat race winners.

Larry Robinson Jr and Bryan Snell brought the IMCA Stock Cars out next with Snell leading lap one. Sixth-starting Mike Nichols charged into the lead on lap two with Snell and Jay Schmidt duking it out for second. While there were some battles back in the pack, no one was mounting a challenge for Nichols on this night as he went on to the dominant win. Snell finished in second with Brandon Pruitt third, Schmidt fourth and Brian Blessington fifth. Schmidt, Nichols, Robinson Jr and Chris Pruitt were the heat race winners.

IMCA Hobby Stocks were up next with Adam Ayers and Eric Stanton on the front row. Stanton led John Watson and Ayers early with Nick Foster getting past Ayers on lap seven. A couple of yellows were the only thing slowing down Stanton as he went on to lead from the start to the finish to pick up the win. Watson finished second with Foster third, Aaron Rudolph fourth and Ayers fifth. Watson, Matt Tiernan and Rudolph were the heat race winners.

Last up for the night’s racing was the big one – The Ron Little Memorial for the IMCA Modifieds. After driver introductions the redraw was completed on the frontstretch with Jesse Dennis and Red Monson pulling the 1-2 chips to start on the front row. Dennis claimed the lead early in the thirty lap race with Monson and then Cody Laney in the second spot. Laney made a charge and got up beside Dennis a few times but just couldn’t quite get the pass completed. A couple of cautions slowed the field, but each time it was Dennis-Laney-Monson at the front. Lap traffic almost played a part toward the end, but at the checkered flag it was Dennis picking up the win and the $1500 check. Laney finished second with Monson third, Richie Gustin fourth and Kelly Shryock fifth. Josh Gilman, Dennis, Shryock and Jimmy Gustin were the heat race winners and Dylan Book took the B-Feature.

We at Stuart Speedway want to thank each and every one of you that were part of our 2018 season. Our season will conclude with our awards banquet at the Stuart Rec Center on November 3 (details to come at www.stuartspeedway.net and our facebook page). We couldn’t do any of it without the drivers, crews and fans and we hope to have an even bigger and better year in 2019! Have a great off season and we’ll see you next year!



1. Jesse Dennis (70)Corning, Ia.

2. Cody Laney (5L)Torrance, Ca.

3. Red Monson (12)Denison, Ia.

4. Richie Gustin (19G)Gilman, Ia.

5. Kelly Shryock  (3)Fertile, Ia.

6. Josh Gilman (83G)Earlham, Ia.

7. Jimmy Gustin  (19)Marshalltown, Ia.

8. Jeff James (71)Stanton, Ia.

9. Jason Murray (49J)Hartford, Ia.

10. Chad Andersen (8C)Fort Calhoun, Ne.

11. Matthew Meinecke (5M)Jamaica, Ia.

12. Josh Foster (44)Newton, Ia.

13. Russ Dickerson (28R)Boone, Ia.

14. Taylor Musselman(r) (13T)Urbandale, Ia.

15. Randy Foote (37)Stanton, Ia.

16. Alison Davidson (37Q)Redding, Ia.

17. Scott Bash (14B)Windsor Heights, Ia.

18. Josh Cooper (10J)Prescott, Ia.

19. Tony Hilgenberg (4)Waukee, Ia.

20. Ethan Dotson (175)Bakersfield, Ca.

21. Todd Vaneaton (V31)Orient, Ia.

22. Jacob Murray (48J)Hartford, Ia.

23. Nick Roberts (23JR)Des Moines, Ia.

24. Dylan Book (B00K)Adel, Ia.


Stock Cars:

1. Mike Nichols Racing (63)Harlan, Ia.

2. Bryan Snell (3S)Coon Rapids, Ia.

3. Brandon Pruitt (10B)Stuart, Ia.

4. Jay Schmidt (19J)Tama, Ia.

5. Brian Blessington (92B)Breda, Ia.

6.Todd VanEatonville (V92)Orient, Ia.

7. Chris Pruitt (22)Stuart, Ia.

8. Donovan Smith  (35)Lake City, Ia.

9. Jeremy Gettler (23A)Adair, Ia.

10. Brock Badger (50B)Bagley, Ia.

11. Adam Klocke (02)Carroll, Ia.

12. Michael Murphy (25M)Jefferson, Ia.

13. Justin Coon (15)Earlham, Ia.

14. Steve Roberts (12R)Ankeny, Ia.

15. Johnathan Kinser (6)Corning, Ia.

16. Chad Legere (7C)Ankeny, Ia.

17. James Carroll (10)Greenfield, Ia.

18. Larry Robinson Sr (48)Omaha, Ne.

19. Tony Hardisty (0)Corning, Ia.

20. Larry Robinson Jr (53R)Underwood, Ia.

21. Michael Bilyeu (98B)Indianola, Ia.

22. Mark Menard (19M)Bedford, Ia.

23. Ty Hill (3H)Winterset, Ia.

24. Josh Daniels (25J)Carlisle, Ia.

25. Dillon Carlisle (32C)Shannon City, Ia.


Sport Mods:

1. Dusty Masolini (8)Des Moines, Ia.

2. Chase Rudolf  (8R)Prole, Ia.

3 Austin Luellen  (3A)Minburn, Ia.

4. Garrett Nelson (95N)Osceola, Ia.

5. Cody Olsen  (777)Omaha, Ne.

6. Jerod Weston (86J)Red Oak, Ia.

7. Ethan Braaksma  (11)Newton, Ia.

8. Matt Webb Racing (51X)Des Moines, Ia.

9. Jake Sachau (14)Denison, Ia.

10. Johnathon Logue (69JR)Boone, Ia.

11. Aaron Mitchell (05)Palo, Ia.

12. Ryan King (57R)Montour, Ia.

13. Hunter Longnecker (93)Woodward, Ia.

14. Robert Moore (2B)Maxwell, Ia.

15. Mitchell Morris (26M)St. Charles, Ia.

16. Chance Titus (4)Baxter, Ia.

17. Jason Beckman (17X)Fort Dodge, Ia.

18. Tommy Hensley (8TTB)Bedford, Ia.

19. Dustin Lynch (5L)Boone, Ia.

DQ. Nick Hankins (99H)Bennett, Co.


Hobby Stocks:

1. Eric Stanton (7B)Carlisle, Ia.

2. John 4W Watson (4W)Des Moines, Ia.

3. Nick Foster(r) (17F)Menlo, Ia.

4. Aaron Rudolph (38R)Grand Junction, Ia.

5. Adam Ayers(r) (31)Adair, Ia.

6. Korbin Nourse (12)Dexter, Ia.

7. Jeremy Purdy (4)Bedford, Ia.

8. Jamie Songer (96R)Ankeny, Ia.

9. Matt Tiernan (7M)Stuart, Ia.

10. Bob Daniels (25D)Des Moines, Ia.

11. Chris Bates (104)Griswold, Ia.

12. Rick Reiter (1)Des Moines, Ia.

13. Jerry Richards (52)Creston, Ia.

14. Tommy Beekman (3TK)Otho, Ia.

15. Gregg Anderson (3A)Perry, Ia.

16. Jack Phillips (00)Mitchellville, Ia.

17. Cody Cleghorn (21ZC)Des Moines, Ia.

18. Tommy Killen, Jr. (1K)Des Moines, Ia.

19. Matthew Wahl (20W)Norwalk, Ia.


Sport Compacts:

1. Devin Jones (7)Mason City, Ia.

2. Curtis Miller (411)Lewis, Ia.

3. Denny Berghahn (6JR)Plattsmouth, Ne.

4. John Gill (02)Marshalltown, Ia.

5. Luke Benischek (5)Durant, Ia.

6. Cody Vandusen (53)Atalissa, Ia.

7. Dustin Grout (10G)Prescott, Ia.

8. Ashley Reuman (4R)Hills, Ia.

9. Hunter Patrick (33H)St. Charles, Ia.

10. Zak Sickles (50)Fontanelle, Ia.

11. B J Charlson (81)Indianola, Ia.

12. Zander Steiner (5A)Shenandoah, Ia.

13. Curtis Masterson (16)Reasnor, Ia.

14. Riley Paysen (65)Wall Lake, Ia.

15. Austin Reuman (8)Hills, Ia.

16. David Kimmel (33NK)New Virginia, Ia.

17. Kolby Sabin (9)Des Moines, Ia.

18. Joseph Mastin (99)Des Moines, Ia.

19. Dean Richards (69X)Creston, Ia.

20. Bruce Hower (88)Indianola, Ia.

21. Cody Pierce(r) (21P)Linden, Ia.

22. Terry Hurley (47)Des Moines, Ia.

23. Cody Cleghorn (21ZC)Des Moines, Ia.

24. Mitchell Bunch (83B)Des Moines, Ia.

25. Spencer Roggentien (66R)South English, Ia.

26. Jake Benischek (3)Durant, Ia.


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