Galusha, May, Fagan and Tafoya Big Winners
Story by Josh Reynolds
Stuart, IA (September 6) – Stuart Speedway’s season came to a close with the Night Before the Nationals special. Frank Galusha, Josh May, Marcus Fagan and Regan Tafoya took home the big money on Kinzie Services Night at the Races.
Micro Sprints were up first for the Kylie Hunter Memorial with Corey Forsyth and Travis Rewerts showing the way. Forsyth led lap one with Rewerts taking over for the next four circuits. Forsyth took back the lead on lap six, but eighth starting Frank Galusha was making his way through the field and caught the leader on lap eleven. Galusha made the pass a lap later and would go on to take the win. Jason Friesen finished second with Jeremiah Sillman third, Jake Galusha fourth and Forsyth fifth. Kelby Watt, Jayce Jenkins, Jake Galusha and Rewerts were the heat race winners.
Bryan Zehm and Travis Stensland brought out the MADCRA Mod Lites next for the Clint Walrod Memorial. Josh May took the lead on lap one with Stensland and Joel Huggins in tow. Stensland, Huggins and Cory Sauerman battled for second, but May was never seriously challenged and went on to the win. Sauerman took second with Stensland third, Huggins fourth and Randy Bryan fifth. Zehm, Charlie Brown and Mike Morrill were the heat race winners.
IMCA Modifieds were up next with Scott Bash and Regan Tafoya on the front row. Tafoya led early over Bash and Josh Gilman. Gilman made it to second on lap four as Tafoya continued to lead. As the Farmington, NM driver showed the way out front, Jeff James worked his way to third on lap seven and second on lap eighteen, but no one was slowing down Tafoya on this night as he went on to the win. James finished second with Gilman third, Canadian driver Kody Scholpp fourth and Nick Roberts fifth. Scholpp and Roberts were the heat race winners.
Brandon and Terry Pruitt brought out the IMCA Stock Cars for the last race of 2015 with Terry leading the first three laps. Son passed father on lap four as Brandon looked to sail off into the sunset. Marcus Fagan had other ideas and began to track down the 10B, moving into second on lap eight. Fagan took the lead on lap ten and powered his way on the bottom side of the track to the win. Brandon Pruitt finished second with Bryan Snell third, Robert Stofer fourth and Chris Pruitt fifth. Nyle Godwin and Fagan were the heat race winners.
We at Stuart Speedway want to thank all of the drivers, crews and fans at our great track. We couldn’t do it without any of you, and we can’t wait to see you in 2016! See you then!

Supernationals Update-
The reason for this story coming out a week late is I work at the IMCA Supernationals in Boone every year. I will try and touch on all of our drivers that made the features up there. If I miss anyone I apologize.

Hobby Stocks
Mike Pruitt, John Watson and Andrew Burg were the winners of the three qualifying features, putting them on the front row for the big feature on Saturday. Watson and Burg took turns at the front in the big dance, but Jason Wilkinson took the lead late and went on to the win. Burg finished second with Watson fourth, Pruitt seventh, Jason Fusselman ninth, Eric Stanton twenty-third, Jamie Songer twenty-eighth and Tim Barber twenty-ninth.


Clint Luellen took the win in the qualifier on Tuesday, putting him on the front row in the middle of the feature Saturday. Luellen dropped back early, but started working back to the front with around ten laps to go. As the white flag flew, Luellen took the lead as he passed Johnathon Logue. The red flag flew for a rollover before the race was complete, so the field was stacked up for a green white checkered finish. After another yellow, the stage was set and Luellen held to the top side of the track as Logue worked to the bottom. Luellen took the white flag in the lead as Logue went low and pulled alongside. Luellen kept the lead on the top, and Logue went for one last shot on the bottom in turn three. As he threw the slide job, Logue took the lead…..for a second. Luellen crossed over and moved underneath Logue and went on to take the win!!! Nick Meyer finished third, Jerry Hinton ninth and Arie Schouten fourteenth.

Stock Cars
Mike Nichols won the qualifier on Wednesday and also won the game of rock paper scissors to put him on the pole for Saturday. Nichols benefitted from the Larson brothers coming together on the last lap and finished in second place. Bob Daniels finished twelfth, Marcus Fagan seventeenth and Josh Daniels twenty-second.

Adam Larson finished fifth, Paul Stone eleventh, Todd Shute sixteenth, Josh Most twenty-fifth, Josh Gilman twenty-sixth and Jason Murray thirty-first.

Late Models
Robert See finished tenth, Darrel DeFrance twelfth, Charlie McKenna fourteenth, Curt Schroeder eighteenth, Todd Cooney nineteenth and Corey Zeitner twenty-fourth.

Congratulations to all of the qualifiers at Supernationals.


Modifieds - NBN Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 2 24R    Regan Tafoya    Farmington , Nm  
2 7 71    Jeff James    Stanton , Ia  
3 5 83G    Josh Gilman    Earlham , Ia  
4 8 02    Kody Scholpp    Estevan , Sas  
5 9 23JR    Nick Roberts    Des Moines, Ia  
6 1 14B    Scott Bash    Windsor Heights, Ia  
7 3 88    Sean Barragan    Seargent Bluff, Ia  
8 4 14    Ron Bash    Stuart , Ia  
9 10 15    Cody Hillgartner    Harlan , Ia  
10 6 5G    Gatlin Leytham    Ames , Ia  
11 11 131S    Ed Seibert    Dexter , Ia  

Stock Cars - NBN Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 5 1F    Marcus Fagan    Adair , Ia  
2 1 10B    Brandon Pruitt    Dexter , Ia  
3 8 3S    Bryan Snell    Coon Rapids, Ia  
4 4 50    Robert Stofer    Jefferson , Ia  
5 12 22    Chris Pruitt    Stuart , Ia  
6 13 81X    Josh Mroczkowski    Krakaw , Wi  
7 10 92B    Brian Blessington    Breda , Ia  
8 7 11G    Nyle Godwin    Redfield , Ia  
9 11 XX20    Gene Stigall    Winston , Mo  
10 6 55X    Mart Wampler    Snyder , Tx  
11 3 77C    Craig Carlson     , Ia  
12 2 78P    Terry Pruitt    Dexter , Ia   DNF
13 15 10    James Carroll    Greenfield , Ia   DNF
14 9 54    Robert Merkle    Des Moines, Ia   DNF
15 14 92    Dan Mackunthum    Redwood Falls, Mn   DNS

Mod Lites - NBN Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown  
1 3 99    Joshua May    Des Moines, Ia  
2 11 17    Cory Sauerman    Grimes , Ia  
3 2 89    Travis Stensland    Nevada , Ia  
4 5 X50    Joel Huggins    Des Moines, Ia  
5 6 64    Randy Bryan    Ames , Ia  
6 4 01    David Schmalzried    Nevada , Ia  
7 10 6    Mike Morrill    Altoona , Ia  
8 15 11R    Jason Whitehead    Nevada , Ia  
9 1 46Z    Bryan Zehm    Ames , Ia  
10 8 46    Kevin Grishom    Ogden , Ia  
11 13 3    Cory Dennis    Madrid , Ia  
12 12 3G    Joe Glick    Des Moines, Ia  
13 18 111    Charlie Laizure    Harrisonville , Mo  
14 14 18    Dylan Koester    Webster City, Ia  
15 9 95    Mike Kennedy    Boone , Ia   DNF
16 17 88    Justin Rankin    Madrid , Ia   DNF
17 7 82    Charlie Brown    Nevada , Ia   DNF
18 16 4M    David Simpson    Ankeny , Ia   DNF

Mini Sprint - NBN Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown
1 8 12    Frank Galusha    Lincoln , Ne
2 9 1F    Jason Friesen    Sutton , Ne
3 15 52J    Jeremiah Sillman    Alvo , Ne
4 12 15    Jake Galusha    Lincoln , Ne
5 1 49C    Corey Forsyth    Knoxville , Ia
6 6 007    Shane Sundquist    Bertrand , Ne
7 11 16T    Alec Carberry    Omaha , Ne
8 20 82    Jerad Klabunde    Omaha , Ne
9 2 23T    Travis Rewerts    Des Moines, Ia
10 10 81E    Eric Bridger    Winterset , Ia
11 5 1K    Kelby Watt    Adel , Ia
12 24 7K    Shane Hunter    Afton , Ia
13 4 2    Ryan Arbogast    Kearney , Ne
14 18 62F    Joel Fritz    Waverly , Ne
15 17 7S    Skylar Hunter    Afton , Ia
16 14 52S    Dylan Sillman    Alvo , Ne
17 3 14T    Dawson Nunnenkump    Saronville , Ne
18 21 99    Rich Koop    Maize , Ks
19 16 21    Devin Wignall    Altoona , Ia
20 22 71R    Charlie Robuck    Knoxville , Ia
21 19 24    Kendall Higday    Pleasant Hill, Ia
22 25 14    Bill Livezey    New Sharon, Ia
23 26 11R    Riley Goodno    Knoxville , Ia
24 7 33    Jayce Jenkins    Colfax , Ia
25 13 92M    Ryan Mills    Pleasant Hill, Ia
26 23 46    Morgan Dennis    Indianola , Ia