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Pruitt Dominates Stock Cars

Story by Josh Reynolds


Stuart, IA (August 21) – Another spectacular evening welcomed the racers and fans at Stuart Speedway this past Sunday! Mike Morrill, Clint Luellen, Curtis Miller, Josh Gilman, Chris Pruitt and Buck Schafroth were the winners on Avey Sanitation Night at the Races.

Joel Huggins and Randy Bryan brought out the MADCRA Mod Lites for the first feature of the night. Huggins led the first two circuits until Mike Morrill went by on lap three. Morrill gapped the field and went on to take the feature win. Bryan finished second with Josh May third, Huggins fourth and Jon Braathun fifth. Huggins was the heat race winner.

IMCA Northern SportMods came out next with Dan Swank and Josh Cooper on the front row. Cooper led lap one with Shawn Cooney taking over on lap two. Cooney led through two cautions with Clint Luellen lurking in second. Luellen powered by to take the top spot on lap six and set sail to take the win. Cooney finished second with Adam Armstrong third, Kody Havens fourth and Austin Luellen fifth. Armstrong and Cooney were the heat race winners.

Aaron Miller and Curtis Miller set the pace for the IMCA Sport Compacts next with Curtis Miller leading at the start. Curtis wouldn’t be slowed on this night and went on to take the flag to flag win. Aaron Miller finished second with Dan Campbell third, Levi Heath fourth and John Gill fifth. Aaron Miller was the heat race winner.

IMCA Modifieds were up next with Scott Bash and Josh Gilman on the front row. Gilman was out front early with Tim Ward and Todd VanEaton not far behind. Gilman would stretch the lead, but a caution on lap seventeen changed everything and bunched up the field. One more lap was put in the books before another yellow flew. This set up a two lap dash and Gilman was up to the challenge and went on to the win. Ward finished second with Jeff James third, VanEaton fourth and Nick Roberts fifth. Ward and VanEaton were the heat race winners.

Bryan Snell and Brandon Hill brought the IMCA Stock Cars out next with Snell leading lap one right before the caution flag flew. Chris Pruitt took advantage of the restart and blasted out to the lead with Snell and Brandon Pruitt in second and third. Brandon Pruitt made it past Snell on lap four as Chris Pruitt continued to lead. Both Pruitts left the field, and as the laps wound down Brandon began to inch closer to Chris. Brandon would go low through one and two on lap eighteen, but that was as close as things got as Chris went on to take his first win at the track in two years. Brandon finished second with Brian Blessington third, Trenton Jeanes fourth and Derrick Rohe fifth. Brandon Pruitt and Marcus Fagan were the heat race winners.

Last up was the IMCA Hobby Stocks with Keith Burg and Gregg Anderson on the front row. Burg led early over Patrick Pellman and Buck Schafroth. After a lap seven yellow, Burg continued to lead, but Schafroth was on the move. Schafroth made the pass on Burg on lap eleven and went on to the win. Jamie Schirm finished second with Burg third, Pellman fourth and Ryan Grochala fifth. Schirm and Schafroth were the heat race winners.

We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our thirteenth event of the year. Join us next week for Plowman-Stanley Night at the Races. It will be Season Championship night for all 5 of our regular classes. See you at the track!Modifieds - Feature

1. 83G    Josh Gilman

2. 4TW    Tim Ward

3. 71    Jeff James

4. V31    Todd Vaneaton

5. 23JR    Nick Roberts

6. 25DX    Kyle Brown

7. 3Z    Randy Havlik

8. 14B    Scott Bash

9. 15    Cody Hillgartner

10. 58    Bill Heinkel

11. 49    Rob Stephens

12. 131S    Ed Seibert



Stock Cars - Feature

1. 22    Chris Pruitt

2. 10B    Brandon Pruitt

3. 92B    Brian Blessington

4. 64X    Trenton Jeanes

5. 98    Derrick Rohe

6. 1F    Marcus Fagan

7. 3S    Bryan Snell

8. 54    Robbie Merkle

9. 25J    Josh Daniels

10. 50    Brock Badger

11. 55X    Brandon Hill



SportMods - Feature

1. 3L    Clinton Luellen

2. 30    Shawn Cooney

3. 6A    Adam Armstrong

4. 99K    Kody Havens

5. 3A    Austin Luellen

6. 34    Jerry Hinton

7. 61    Brandon Patava

8. 224    Dan Swank

9. 10J    Josh Cooper

10. 8    Dusty Masolini



Hobby Stocks - Feature

1. 92    Buck Schafroth

2. 56    Jamie Schirm

3. 14B    Keith Burg

4. 71    Patrick Pellman

5. 77G    Ryan Grochala

6. 47    Raymond Fees

7. 38R    Aaron Rudolph

8. 3J    Jamie Flugge-smith

9. 3A    Gregg Anderson

10. 7    Tom Myers

11. 4W    John Watson

12. 42Z    Brandon Pitts



Spt Compact - Feature

1. 411    Curtis Miller

2. 1    Aaron Miller

3. 88C    Dan Campbell

4. 9H    Levi Heath

5. 2    John Gill

6. 10    Logan Debord

7. 32M    Vicki Meeker

8. 86R    James Roose

9. 69X    Dean Richards



Mod Lites - Feature

1. 6    Mike Morrill

2. 95    Randy Bryan

3. 99    Joshua May

4. X50    Joel Huggins

5. 64X    Jon Braathun


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