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Schirm and Murray Take the CheckersStory by Josh Reynolds Stuart, IA (June 5) – Warm and windy conditions made for a dry-slick racing surface, but the racers put on a great show at Stuart Speedway! Jackson Frisbie, Mike Nichols, Denny Berghahn, Clint Luellen, Jamie Schirm and Jacob Murray took the wins on Roy Sargent Building Night at the Races.The Heartland Micro Sprints were first up with Jerad Klabunde and Ryan Mills on the front row. Klabunde led lap one with Corey Forsyth taking over on lap two. Forsyth held strong over Jackson Frisbie and Jayce Jenkins until Frisbie moved past on lap ten. Shane Sundquist brought out the red on lap thirteen when he rolled over in turn one. This bunched up the field for a two lap shootout, and as the cars took the white flag Jeremiah Sillman hit the front stretch wall and flipped over. Since the cars took the white flag, the race was ended under a yellow-checkered finish and Frisbie was declared the winner. Jenkins finished second with Skylar Hunter third, Klabunde fourth and Jimmy Abell fifth. Jenkins and Frisbie were the heat race winners.Josh Daniels and Robbie Merkle brought out the IMCA Stock Cars next with Daniels leading a tight pack for the first four circuits. Mike Nichols saw everyone on the bottom side of the track, so he went high and drove around the pack to take the lead on lap five. A couple of caution flags flew on laps six and seven, and that would be the only thing slowing down Nichols as he went on to take the win. Marcus Fagan battled through for a second place finish with Daniels third, Brian Blessington fourth and Brandon Pruitt fifth. Merkle and Fagan were the heat race winners.IMCA Sport Compacts came out next with David Coenen and Aaron Miller leading the field to the green flag. Coenen led through some early caution flags, but first-timer Denny Berghahn from Plattsmouth, Nebraska found the lead on lap five and went on to take the win. Coenen finished second with John Gill third, Curtis Miller fourth and James Peterson fifth. Gill was the heat race winner.Bryce Allen and Blair Simmons brought the IMCA Northern SportMods to the track next, but Simmons didn’t make it through turn one on the first lap as he pounded the outside wall. Simmons was ok, but his car was unable to continue. Once the green flag waved again it was Dusty Masolini taking control with Bryce Allen and Jerry Hinton close behind. Adam Armstrong moved from fourth to second on lap five with Masolini continuing to lead until the caution came out on lap eight. Clint Luellen had an awesome restart and went from fourth to the lead on lap nine and looked to sail into the sunset, but Armstrong closed the gap as the laps wound down. Luellen would stay consistent and went on to the win with Armstrong second, Masolini third, Kody Havens fourth and Austin Luellen fifth. Chase Rudolf and Hinton were the heat race winners.IMCA Hobby Stocks were up next with Matt Tiernan and Jamie Flugge-Smith on the front row. Tiernan led lap one with the yellow coming out for Jamie Songer just before lap two. Jamie Schirm moved to the front with another caution on lap three for Ryan Grochala. Schirm would get the green flag and show the way over Jason Day and John Watson until Watson took over second on lap eleven. Watson threw the book at it, but Schirm was too tough and went on to take the win. Watson finished second with Day third, Buck Schafroth fourth and Grochala fifth. Schafroth and Schirm were the heat race winners.Last up on the evening would be the IMCA Modifieds with Todd Cooney and Bob Daniels showing the way. Cooney led early over Dylan Book and Jacob Murray. Murray moved to the high side, passed Book for second on lap three and Cooney for the lead on lap four. Murray would go out to a dominating lead and looked to cruise to the easy win, but a spin by Josh Gilman on lap eighteen off the front bumper of Ricky Thornton Jr. brought out the yellow flag and bunched up the field for a two lap shootout. Murray was up to the task and went on to the win with Tim Ward second, Cooney third, Gilman fourth and Todd VanEaton fifth. Cooney and Murray were the heat race winners.We’d like to thank all who came out to support the race track at our fifth event of the year. Next week will be National Investors Night at the Races. We will have our 5 regular IMCA classes with the MADCRA Mod Lites in attendance as well. See you next week! Modifieds - Feature1. 48J    Jacob Murray2. 4TW    Tim Ward3. 10    Todd Cooney4. 83G    Josh Gilman5. V31    Todd Vaneaton6. 71    Jeff James7. 51X    Matthew Webb8. B00K    Dylan Book9. 14B    Scott Bash10. 25D    Bob Daniels11. 20RT    Ricky Thornton Jr DNF  Stock Cars - Feature1. 63    Mike Nichols2. 1F    Marcus Fagan3. 25J    Josh Daniels4. 92B    Brian Blessington5. 10B    Brandon Pruitt6. 22    Chris Pruitt7. 5    Keith Simmons8. 98    Derrick Rohe9. 54    Robbie Merkle10. 52    Ben Walding11. 71    Corey Piffer12. 12    Adam Hagen DNF13. 2C    Dana Cook DNF  SportMods - Feature1. 3L    Clinton Luellen2. 6A    Adam Armstrong3. 8    Dusty Masolini4. 99K    Kody Havens5. 3A    Austin Luellen6. 8R    Chase Rudolf7. 34    Jerry Hinton8. 30    Shawn Cooney9. 99RE    Arie Schouten10. 16A    Bryce Allen11. 13M    Matthew Munyon12. 224    Dan Swank13. 98    Thomas Egenberger DNF14. 29V    Brett Vanderheiden DNF15. 93    Hunter Longnecker DNF16. 32S    Blair Simmons DNF  Hobby Stocks - Feature1. 56    Jamie Schirm2. 4W    John Watson3. 14    Jason Day4. 92    Buck Schafroth5. 77G    Ryan Grochala6. 12    Korbin Nourse7. 7M    Matt Tiernan8. 3J    Jamie Flugge-smith9. 3A    Gregg Anderson DNF10. 96R    Jamie Songer DNF11. 14B    Keith Burg DNS  Spt Compact - Feature1. 6JR    Denny Berghahn2. 4    David Coenen3. 2    John Gill4. 411    Curtis Miller5. 79    James Peterson6. 1    Aaron Miller7. 81    Steven Prusia8. 30X    Jacob Reiter  Micro Sprints - Feature1. 38    Jackson Frisbie2. 33    Jayce Jenkins3. 7S    Skylar Hunter4. 82    Jerad Klabunde5. 20J    Jimmy Abell6. 35D    Dylan Sillman7. 62F    Joel Fritz8. 92M    Ryan Mills9. 52S    Jeremiah Sillman DNF10. 7    Shane Sundquist DNF11. 20D    David Abell DNF12. 49C    Corey Forsyth DNF13. 21    Devin Wignall DNF 

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